Rock damage to windshields is so common that sooner or later, it will happen to you. If you drive, that is. Usually, the worst part — for me — is a sharp bang on the windshield. It sounds like a bullet.

Very startling.

I try to not drive behind big trucks with wide wheels. They kick up a lot of rocks and other stuff and can make a mess not only of your windshield but also your car’s finish.

Sometimes you see the damage immediately, but often, it takes a day or two to show up. After it arrives, it will creep along the window, starting as a little ping with a few rays, then inching its way up the glass until suddenly one morning, you realize you don’t have a choice. You need a new window.

The old PT Cruiser with Garry at Fenway

I don’t know about every state, but both here and in New York, the glass people come to you. They will replace your windshield in your own driveway.

The last time we needed a replacement, the people next door drove the same car as we did. Ours was silvery gray and theirs was maroon. After replacing the glass, the guy called my son and said he was done.

Owen asked him what did the car look like and he said it was a 2007 Red PT Cruiser.

“Dude,” Owen said, “I’m sure they’ll be pleased, but that’s the neighbor’s car.”

Our neighbors are not very neighborly and never said anything, though surely they recognized they had a new windshield. We got a new one too.

Moral of the story? Check the license plate number before you start the work.

Word Prompt: Rock Chips

23 thoughts on “ROCK CHIPS, WINDSHIELDS, AND LICENSE PLATES – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. The heat has been knocking out power and cable all week, too. Everyone comes home from work, turns on the AC and the power blows. They build without making sure the infrastructure can support that many homes. It’s the American way.

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      1. Here they do that…build a lot of houses without considering where the waste will go, so the sewer is inadequate pretty quickly or the amount of water a house may get…and the power lines and computer connections (fiber optics or whatever is used)….so there’s tons of road construction as they hastily try to remedy the over taxed sewer or power or whatever lines. It’s frustrating, but considering your excellent post on Beaming Up…it’s not surprising terribly. No intelligent life…. 😉


    1. The road construction leaves a lot of mess on the road, especially gravel. We have construction from whenever the snow melts to the next snow, so NOT getting hit by a bit of stone is more unusual than getting hit. And it doesn’t take a big stone, either. A bit of gravel does nicely and bye bye windshield.

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  1. The Neon’s windshield never cracked once, and it got hit with flying rocks several times. With how many trucks hauling gravel and whatnot around here, I’ve been very lucky on that front. The only glass I ever lost was when the neighborhood hooligans shot out my back window with a BB gun… and thankfully I was still under full coverage at the time and only had to pay the deductible…


    1. Sometimes we have big trucks roll by full of sand and other building materials and no matter how well they are supposed to be cinched up, the leave a road full of little rocks behind. One tiny little rock and good-bye windshield! Our insurance has zero deductible for glass and it’s pretty much standard, so I guess we are in luck on that score.


  2. In the past month I’ve gotten TWO chips courtesy of some twerp in a big rig OR a belly dumper without a lid on their load of gravel. Grr. And you’ve reminded me that I need to get my fanny down to the DMV because September is when Baby’s tags expire. Sigh.

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    1. Oh, Marilyn, I’m so pleased you decided to go with this one. I love the story of the neighbours getting a new windscreen! We have a similar set up over here in the UK – the windscreen company comes out to you. I added windscreen cover to my car insurance, and knowing me I probably added everything I didn’t need too!


      1. Um…ooops. Here it means “ass” or ‘buttocks’…so it’s SIMILAR, if not exactly the same. How interesting! I used to snicker rather rudely if I heard “Fanny” as a name for some poor woman. It’s fallen into disuse now of course….I guess someone made it across the pond and decided Fanny would no longer do. 😉

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    2. Go in the middle of the month. It is less crowded. EVERYONE goes either at the beginning or end of the month.

      It is the road construction and yes, those gravel trucks that aren’t properly covered. They drop sand and bits of stone EVERYWHERE.

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      1. Some lawmaker here laid down a rule that those loads had to be covered because of the issues you’ve mentioned here. But I notice a lot of belly dump trucks which are older are without a cover. I hope the damned owners get a hefty fine out of it at least.


        1. There are laws. Then there are people who don’t bother to follow them, which are more people than not. ALL the gravel and construction trucks are supposed to be tied down and covered, but so often you look and you realize nothing is really tied down and if it slid off the truck, you are DEAD.

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          1. Those big boys? Yeah, if something moved, someone would die. Maybe the driver. Hubby was a truck driver and some of the stories he told were chilling. And he was a stickler about double checking any load he ever hauled (even those in containers) to make sure nothing was going to slide around and potentially change the center of balance, which could cause a roll over or deadly accident. Scary stuff!! I hope your orange beauty has evaded the flying rocks!


            1. We haven’t been out on the road much, but there’s no completely avoiding it. It’s just part of driving. I’ve heard of horrendous lethal accidents when various pieces of stuff (sheets of glass, caissons, tree trunks, paving bricks, etc.) slid off a truck and killed a driver in the following car. No amount of insurance payout will make up for that.


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