Can you believe it’s September? How did that happen?

But today, as we were driving from town to town, seeing doctors, picking up prescriptions, stopping home to grab lunch and out again, I noticed that trees are beginning to change color. Not masses of them, but some. I saw a yellow one, a red one, and a mixed one with more red than green.

So despite the fact that it has been insanely hot and we are expecting more heat next week, fall will relentlessly arrive anyway. Because the seasons will have their way with the year, as time will have its way with our bodies.

We took pictures by the farm around the corner and there were wild, pink flowers growing along the edge of the field where the cows were grazing. Such a pretty pink, so I made them square.

Pink wildflowers by the farm

21 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER WITH A PINK WILDFLOWER – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. “I’ve layed around ..and played around..this whole summer long…summer’s almost gone…winter’s comin’ on,,,.now I feel like I’ve gotta travel on”. Now, that chesnut is playing in my brain along with the bells, whistles, chimes and echoes. It’s “Top 40’s Day” ALL day in my brain and ear/s.

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    1. I always go into a bit of a funk, realizing summer is fading with that season which shall not be mentioned…lurking and waiting. It was much worse in my working days when I truly dreaded “that lurking season”. We still have a month of regular season beisbol and the playoffs to hopefully enjoy.

      “Hey, season, that we dread. Get out of my head and never darken our doorway again….adios, Bad Hombre!”

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      1. Lovely to hear from you, and hope you are recovering well from the surgical ordeal. Anyway, chin up over the seasons. We may be in for an Indian Summer both sides of the pond. We’ve been promised a bit more anyway. Hope it comes your way too 🙂

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  1. Beautiful Phlox this time of year. I have an entire bed of just about every color. My grandmother grew them in her garden, and I think of her every time I look at them or smell their great fragrance. Yes, I’ve seen a couple of maples starting to turn up here too. Love the weather, love the color, hate the work cleaning up the leaves. Oh well, such is life, and I’m grateful I can still clean them up. 🙂 Happy weekend, Marilyn.

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    1. Phlox was always a favorite in my garden. It comes in every color and it’s usually hardy. My garden phlox died, but I think a lot of that was skunk who like to dig it up and eat it and the rest of not enough sunlight. And maybe it got tired and needed replanting. I’m not replanting anymore because I can’t do the bending to maintain it. I feel bad about that. With all my coping with aging, I miss being able to maintain the gardens most, probably because every day, I have to look at it and its mess so offends me.

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    1. It’s funny how much we worry about winter, but the winter months go slowly since we go outside very little with the ice and snow. But who knows. This has been such a hot year, maybe winter won’t be too bad.

      Anyway, I don’t need a longer summer. I need a longer AUTUMN.


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