From Paula: 

After a month’s break, I decided to challenge you again with things from the past. What Traces of the Past have you found near you or on some of your travels?

Are these remains of things built and now in disrepair, the remains of natural occurrences, or items from your personal past?

Whether they provoke admiration or make you nostalgic or even horrified, here’s an opportunity to showcase them for this photo challenge.

There’s a story that goes with these two chairs.

Adirondack Chairs

I ordered them from LL Bean when we first moved into this house, 18 years ago. I had images of long summer afternoons spent lounging in the yard, relaxing in those chairs. I also bought a big wooden table, big enough for us and anyone who came to visit. A table for the deck and matching chairs and even a side table and a lounge chair.

We built a teepee — and I wrote a book about the teepee and spend some lovely time there, too.

But life didn’t go quite the way I expected. I got sick and stayed sick for years, one thing after another. And Garry lost his job. The economy crashed and by the time it came back, we’d been out of work so long, it didn’t matter. I physically couldn’t … and Garry was burned out. Finished.

The teepee was up for 6 years then finally had to come down, worn out by those winters and summers in the valley. I found those chairs were lovely to look at, but shockingly difficult to get out of. I needed a skyhook and a winch to stand after sitting there. So while they are still out there, they are rarely used. It turns out, almost no one can get out of them without help. Something about the angle …

Our third vow renewal.

We don’t spend nearly as much time outside around here as we expected. Partly, it’s the weather and the rest are the bugs. Steamy hot in summer, bitterly cold and waist-deep in snow during winter, autumn is about the only really comfortable time. Even that depends on the proliferation of black flies and mosquitoes, and not counting two-years of gypsy moth infestation.

And yet, I have the happiest memories of the backyard. It’s where we were married (the third time, to each other) and where we had barbeques and where I slept in the teepee.

I may not spend many hours outside, but it has inspired me in many ways. It’s full of inspiration, even if the chairs don’t really fit and the teepee has moved on.

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14 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL WITH TRACES OF MY PAST – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. But these are actually angled backward and the back of the seat is lower than the front, so you don’t sit in them. More like you fall into them. Very comfortable when you are IN them, but getting out of them takes two people pulling on each arm. And that was when I was really THIN. Now, I don’t even try to sit in them. I think you have to be very spry to get out of them without help.

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    1. It’s a pretty big plot and I’ve never actually seen all of it. There are no trails there, not even for a 4-wheel all terrain vehicle. Kaity had one, but she couldn’t get back beyond the middle. Too rocky, rutted and clogged with trees and roots. I know we have a little pond way in the back because I can see it in the winter when the leaves are gone and after the snow has melted, but I’ve never gotten close enough to it to know what lives there.

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  1. Those are Real Adirondack chairs. Made of wood. We sell cheap plastic ones at Home Depot.
    No TeePees around here though. TeePees are good tents because they are roomy and you can stand up in them.
    Days gone by …


    1. Yes. These are LL Bean real Adirondack chair that cost 1 earth, two moons, and the rest of your credit limit. I’m pretty sure they will last forever. That’s why I got them stained, but unpainted. Paint will chip, but the wood seems to be permanent or very close to it.

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  2. This is a touching account of the years gone by in hopes and awaiting. Life never turns out the way we expected. The images are beautiful, Marilyn. Thank you. It is so lovely of you to have shared a photo of your third vow renewal. Fallen leaves on the deck, gone, but still bright and colourful – just like your memories. Thank you.


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