Today is Labor Day. Despite its name, it is a day to celebrate the success of labor unions and thus not a day on which we work. But we do labor, in a way. It’s national burn your meat on the barbecue day when men who fear kitchens will fight for the right to flip the burgers.

Not in this house because we no longer own a barbecue. We had a huge one, but it got old and my attempts to do the whole thing using actual charcoal didn’t work out at all well. It became an excessive amount of work for a very small reward.

Pink daisies

I fear it is back to flowers again. I have so many flowers in pink! It’s probably my favorite flower color so you will have to forgive me my pink floral passion.

12 thoughts on “MORE PINK, MORE FLOWERS – DAY THREE – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. I think it’s probably just an excuse in my little backyard, but the really scary ones are the homeless, living in culverts or under bridges, etc. who use open fires to cook — they actually spark many of the small fires in this area!


    1. It was a pain when it was a gas grill, but when I tried it with charcoal, the food was delicious, but an hour of preparation of the coals before even beginning to cook was ridiculous and the cleanup took two of us. So we ate in 20 minutes and cleaned for well over an hour? No, I don’t think so. I do everything neatly in my little over and pots and pans and all is well. Also. NO FIRE.


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