Photo Challenge: Festival

One thing is true of every festival. Everyone says hi and finds a place to sit. Then they ask: “Where’s the bar?”

After which, everyone bellies up to the bar, especially if it isn’t a “cash bar.”

Pity I don’t drink. Sometimes, I think a drink might be a perfect solution to an imperfect world.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

13 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE: FESTIVAL – WHERE’S THE BAR? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. . You are so right, finding a seat is the first thing we do . Definitely an age thing though,. propping up the bar in-between dances is more of a young person’s thing, as is standing up to watch the next act !
    Music Festivals are no longer my thing, but I do so envy the young with their energy and enthusiasm to enjoy! 🙂

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        1. So do we. We used to accept invitations then change our minds at the last minute. Finally, we realized we were NOT driving into Boston unless it was a really important function and I mean REALLY important. Not driving into Boston has really made our lives a lot easier. Also, not as interesting … but without the traffic and the parking and all the tension of trying to find when to leave and how much time to add for traffic because you never know about how it will go, it is so much more peaceful. It turns out that most people won’t take that drive unless they have to.

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    1. I sort of envy the drinker. They aren’t even heavy drinkers, more like a glass of white or red to go with the festivities, but I can’t and Garry won’t. It often seems to me that a little alcoholic lubricant might make life flow more smoothly. But I’m probably dreaming. I would sometimes like a little escape from reality … a few hours at a time.

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