Fandango’s were:

Why did you begin blogging? What got you started? What keeps you doing it?

I started blogging because I had nothing more interesting to do. I was retired and I had a lot a lot of photographs which I figured I could post.

October — canal and river

I have continued it because I turned out to be good at it. It gives me something to do with all the weird ideas I get and need to write about. It turns out there are a lot of people who are amused by weird ideas.

What — if anything — do you hope to gain from blogging?

Nothing. I have never been able to consider this a money-making endeavor. To make money, I would have to write what people want to read. Worse, I’d have to write what sponsors want to hear.

For free, it keeps me busy. It also makes me think, requires that I not fall into a depressive slump which is easy when you aren’t doing anything that feels worthwhile. Also, I make friends and communicate with people all over the world.

What do you do in the blog world that makes you feel the proudest?

Sometimes, I can give good advice and every once in a while, I get the opportunity to help somebody.

What makes you follow a blog?

Often because it’s funny, or someone has an intelligent way of looking at the world. Good writing counts for a lot.

Do you regard the people you meet online as real (not-virtual) friends?


Marilyn’s Questions are:

Your favorite Season of the whole year and why.

October 13

Autumn. Always Autumn and it’s coming soon. It’s the quality of the air, that “snap” you get. The colors of the leaves. There is an energy to fall you don’t get any other time of the year.

What’s the most mystical or magical thing you ever experienced? 

I’d really rather not say. Or I could say, but then I’d have to kill you.

Do you enjoy a lot of company or are you happiest when in solitude?

I rarely enjoy a LOT of company, but I also don’t necessarily want to be entirely alone, either. With Garry, family, and good friends.

Would you do something dishonest if there were no witnesses?

No. Unless a life was at stake.

What is one destination you’d like to visit before you die?

The south of France, Rome, and the stone circles of England.

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21 replies

  1. Lovely answers!! And yes, you bring some common sense, wisdom, but most importantly HUMOR to the blog-o-sphere! It’s a privilege to know you!!

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  2. I’d love to see Bali, Vanuatu, Fiji, Goa, Bora Bora – I think the list is getting rather long (and I could add a few more).

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  3. LOVE your pictures and love your take on each question. Perfection. Still need your email addy 🙂 It’s not working for some reason, it recently disappeared. 😦

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  4. October 13-my anniversary soon to be married 28 years–my soul mate

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  5. Your questions: YES YES YES – Well worth visiting are the South of France (also the North but you ment the South), the Stonehenge with their unstoppable magic, I know nothing about Rome but think that my chances to visit are bigger than yours. So, should I ever venture to Rome, I would ask you what you wanted to see or learn and would report back to you…. if that’s alright?! It’s what friends do, no? 😉
    I also agree with those virtual friends… It’s a ‘funny’ concept and not one I’d have given ‘the time of the day’ some years ago but I’m open (and old) enough to change my mind when I find another opinion better than my so-far-held-one.
    I don’t have a blog for the sole reason that w/o one I can employ my own time much freeer (is that English?). I reply and comment my followed blogs when and if I feel like or have time or am in a position of feeling OK to write. I still write an awful lot, cards, letters, notes, and always will. But I won’t do a blog.
    My favourite season is…. let me think….. again…. a bit longer: Spring for the returning of new life, longer days, the popping up of flowers and appearance of birds who flew off for winter, Summer (normally, but not this year) for the really long and light-filled evenings, the multitude of growth, the circus of flowers, insects, waters warm enough for swimming and shaded trees grown enough to give me comfort, late summer and Autumn/Fall for the riot of colours, the shuffling through fallen leaves, the roasted chestnuts and harvest of good food, the ‘excuse’ to use candles again from breakfast through to late night get-togethers, and Winter mostly for the quiet time of being able to read, read and then read…. the cooking of slow meals, the endless drinking of mugs of lovely teas…. Can one be a more-than-one-season-gal?

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    • Oddly enough, New England usually gets a beautiful Autumn, but almost no spring. Something about the way the winds blow, but we go from winter to summer typically overnight. But the fall, on a good year, can give us a couple of months of nearly perfect — and incredibly beautiful weather. I’m hoping this heat will break and we’ll start to get fall.

      I like the quiet of winter, though I hate the physical labor of trying to keep the snow from crushing the roof and hoping Garry doesn’t fall apart shoveling the walk. Spring, all day or two of it, is pure MUD and summer is usually hot and humid. THAT’S because of our proximity to the Atlantic. Every once in a while we get a perfect summer, though. A couple of years ago we had a perfect one. Not this year, though. This year it has been terribly hot and so sticky.

      Garry spent a week in Rome back when he was working, but he never got to see anything because he was working all the time. All I’ve seen of France are pictures, but I spent 6 weeks in England, Cornwall, and Wales and another few weeks in Ireland and would be thrilled to go back. I did live in Isreal for 9 years so I got a chance to see a lot of the older ruins and stuff. I did travel, just not much recently. Unfortunately, retirement and poverty tend to go hand in hand.

      I just would have liked to get back ONE more time while I’m still able to be on my own feet to do it upright.

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      • but then, we all have our dreams…. and one thing that can be said is that with ‘just’ having your dreams you’re not rudely awakening should you get to SEE those places. Hero Husband and I adored France for many years, we travelled, visited (and of course it helped to speak the language) and were always, always made felt very welcome. This radically changed the minute we LIVED in the vicinity of Paris; an incredibly stressful metropole where ppl are constantly in a bad mood because they’re stressed out, have frail nerves, many have to hold two jobs because with one they couldn’t live. In families, both parents MUST work full time, streets are congested 24/7, everything is dirty and not cared for – we can’t wait to get back to our home country and become VISITORS once more. Other dreams coming true are wonderful, it’s true but I also find that the internet has brought us great enrichment of our lives, I can know what happens elsewhere, I make ‘virtual’ friends who become real friends, I learn much I never knew I didn’t know…. Our years in Devon, (next to Cornwall) were the happiest ever because of the laid-back, happy (but still grumbling) people and we love, love, love it. Cornwall is rugged, wild, gloriously beautiful and far too far from ‘happenings’…. There are + and – in all things; we must trust in our own judgement and be generous towards ourselves first and to others.
        Poverty is hard everywhere. I guess you just ‘have to be’ thankful that you have your own roof over your head. We all send you our discoveries and thoughts, opinions and joys, to share what WE have. I do it with an open heart. Sending love!

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  6. I would loveyou to manage that last-mentioned visit 😉

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    • Me too. We just don’t have the funds. Every penny we had left over has gone into fixing what we can of the house. All things considered, we are doing a pretty decent job with what we’ve got to work with, but there are SO many things we need and can’t afford. And today, there was a trip to the vet. Nothing urgent, just an annual checkup, but Bonnie is 11 and she has lumps and she’s going blind, too. I hate when they get old and you just know, any day, something bad is going to happen.

      There is NOTHING on earth I would like to make other than that one trip and frankly, I’d settle for England and skip the rest if I could. But no amount of wishing is going to make the money appear. I’ve done a LOT of wishing and so far, nope. Not happening.

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  7. Ahhh Autumn. I love Autumn. I feel like it is the balance of all seasons; not too hot, not too cold. 😁

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