BARKING QUESTIONS – Marilyn Armstrong

Barking Questions – If only we could bark a few answers!

Our dogs bark at us. They look us in the eyes, then they bark. So we have conversations with them.


Duke: “Bark, bark.” Short whimper.

Marilyn: “What?”

Duke: “BARK bark BARK bark BARK.”

Marilyn: ” Garry, do you know what he wants?”


Garry: “No. Duke, you’ll have to speak up. What do you want?”

Bonnie: “BARK! Bark, bark, bark.”

Garry: “I’m sorry, we just don’t speak dog.”


Dogs look at each other, clearly frustrated. I’m sure they want something and apparently, whatever it is, it’s quite specific. I get when it’s food because then they bark at the plate or the fork or try very hard to get right in there and eat some. But the rest of it?

Bark? Bark bark bark? Definitely a question.

They need to learn to speak more people-like. Or we need to find a better way to ask them the bigger question. Why don’t you dogs speak English? Are you aliens? Do you have green cards? Are you guys legal?

FOWC with Fandango — Question

33 thoughts on “BARKING QUESTIONS – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Cindy barks at visitors, neighbours, trades people, delivery people, people who park their cars outside our house and other dogs she can hear barking. She does not bark at me. If she wants to go out she comes and looks at me, if I get it right she does a little dance. If she wants attention or to wake me up because she wants to go out she licks me. If she wants to play she does the play dance which may be accompanied by shoving a ball at me.

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    • Tas, we had a handsome cat named “Big Guy”. He was a celebrity. When we lived on Beacon Hill in Boston, “Big Guy” sat in the window facing the street — next to a music box that had a small replica of Clark gable as Rhett Butler.. People would stop — throughout the day — to chat with “Big Guy”. It was so very, very funny and touching.

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  2. If I were to speak in the language of ‘the people’ (aka canine) I think life might be simpler. Huny has specific barks which I’ve learned over our association to interpret…yapp yapp yapp yapp (infinite) means “I see something, come look at it or I’ll drive you bonkers with my yapping.” It’s usually a leaf or a bit of paper blowing in the wind. Sometimes it’s some garbage that has blown over from the truck yard. If she growls really low and her back fur stands up? I go on guard myself, because that’s always meant (and she continues to be right on target about it) danger. Loud barking at the front door means that I, the human, didn’t hear the doorbell (again) and I should come see who is out there. OR that she’s spotted the UPS or Fed-X men or their trucks. She HATES those guys. “Subtle” whining means … let me (or out) for the fiftieth time. I haven’t gone in and out ENOUGH yet… hehh hehh

    Personally? I think they’re all just laughing at us.

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    • Sometimes, they just look at us and bark. If you talk, they stop barking, but when you stop talking, they begin barking. Again. And I swear they have something to say. if it were OUTSIDE, they’d hit the doggy door and be out there. If it was a delivery truck, they’d be at the window. It’s us. They want something. Food is obvious, but sometimes, they want … playtime? attention? They also talk back.


  3. Dusty T. Dog here. I bark for no reason at anything that scares me and that includes people I know and don’t know and all other dogs. My barks mean “Don’t come too close because I’m scared of everything.” It’s pre-emptive. My “little” sister only barks at squirrels, cats (outside our yard) and the mailman. Her barks mean, “Whoa, human, you need to see this.” I’d have to know your dogs better to help you out. Yr Pal, DTD

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    • It’s that they stare into our faces and then pointedly bark. It’s not walking … they come and go as they like. Food? They are pretty obvious about food. Now the NEIGHBORS … Duke really doesn’t like the neighbors. Neither do I so, we are agreed — but I don’t try to break through the wall to get to them.

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  4. We have a cat and a dog. When our dog barks, which is relatively rare, my wife always asks her what she’s barking at, almost as if she expects our dog to answer the question. When our cat meows, it’s because he wants to be fed or he’s about to toss up a hairball. Simple.

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