VERY PINK IN SEPTEMBER – Marilyn Armstrong


Although we are approaching the middle of September, nobody told the roses. The pink ones, which weren’t doing well earlier in the summer are blossoming like mad right now. They should be fading away as fall approaches but as far as I can tell, fall is not approaching. Fall isn’t even on the highway yet. It has not found the main road and is wandering in the distance.

Presumably, it will arrive. It is my favorite season for so many reasons and I hate when these long, hot summers turn our two months of glorious Autumn into one short week and then, boom, whack, winter is back.

Pink roses in the garden

24 thoughts on “VERY PINK IN SEPTEMBER – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. We’ve got a major taste of Fall this weekend… though it took the remnants of that tropical storm to make it happen. I almost had to take the jacket to work last night, and it will stay in the 60’s all day today. Cloudy, wet and dreary, but much more like late September than early September…


    • It was chilly enough last night to need a heavier cover on the bed — and socks. But it won’t last. The heat will be back in a few more days. Really grateful there’s no global warming, eh?


  2. That rusty tractor wheel looks as if it had a load of fire-stopping phoschek dropped on it! We still have massive fires in the northern part of the state — the main N-S freeway is closed at the Oregon border!


    • It’s hard to believe how badly the fires have hurt you. Usually, I complain about the weather but this year, I feel we’ve had it easy compared you folks. Even Garry said that maybe snow isn’t as bad as massive fires, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding.

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      • I agree — this has been a terrible fire year for California! Stay tuned — if it’s like a traditional year, the fire season has 3 more months to go — if not, the season is year-round. In either case, there are likely to be more severe fires — and the State is saying it’s almost run out of fire-fighting funding!


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