RDP# Tuesday prompt: ORANGE

We recently bought a new-er car. It is a Jeep Renegade and it is very orange. Bright orange. It’s the same color Garry’s 1969 Dodge Challenger ragtop was. He loved that car and kept it for 20 years when it stopped being even minimally reliable.

So, in a way, this is a return to the days of yore. Back to The Orange Car.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

21 thoughts on “ORANGE IS NOT A NEW BLACK – JUST ORANGE – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. In high school our family car was persimmon.
    Pretty close to orange just not as bright. Pretty carand color. They don’t make ‘em like that much anymore. Back in the fifties and early sixties cars looked a lot like colored Easter eggs.🔲🔶🔶🔶🔵🔵

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  2. what a lovely color, and you’ll never have trouble finding that in the parking lot. We are now driving my MIL’s car, and it’s so grey it’s almost invisible. I parked in the bank parking lot last week and when I came out there were six grey cars surrounding it. I felt like I was intruding on a private meeting.


    1. Our dark red Patriot was THE most popular color for that model of car for at least three years. We tried getting into the wrong car regularly, and that was just at Hannaford, not exactly a huge parking lot. This one, though, we can spot instantly. Very cool.


        1. Neither did his Challenger. He walked to work (he only lived a few blocks from Channel 7) so it mostly got used on weekends …. and after a while, I became the weekend. That was when he began to think maybe he needed a car that would run even if it rained. And so passed the Challenger.

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