FEAST OR NIBBLES? Marilyn Armstrong

Wednesday RDP – FEAST

We aren’t big eaters these days. A feast can be laid out on the table, but we merely nibble around the edges. I’m surprised when I meet an elderly but really fat person because generally, appetite diminishes with the years.

My son, just approaching 50, eats half as much as he did a few years ago.


We eat maybe half as much as we did a two or three years ago which is half what we ate 20 years ago.

Why? My best guess is we burn fewer calories and need less food. Garry still exercises regularly, but he doesn’t have a big appetite and when he tries to eat like he used to … usually involving piles of sushi … he will regret it. Very soon

Although we attend feasts — we have an invite to my son’s for dinner on Sunday and there will be enough food to feed most of Uxbridge — but we do not partake of them with the gusto of days of yore. The “getting together” is the more important part of the feasting. The talking and laughing matters more than the perfect dinner or dessert.

I have not determined if this is a good or bad thing. Maybe it is just “a thing” — neither good nor bad. Another one of those “it is what it is” occasions in the moving on of human life.

20 thoughts on “FEAST OR NIBBLES? Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. To me, it’s like most of life ‘after 50’…it’s both good AND bad. That whole meal thing gets on my last nerve, because despite my diminishing appetite, the diabetic doctors still expect THREE meals, plus snacks to make sure the blood sugar levels stay nice and even. I’m not hungry enough to make that most days, even eating a small amount tends to fill me up for four to six hours and by that time, it’s usually late in the day and I don’t like to sleep on a full stomach. These days I just eat until I’m satisfied and only make enough (if I cook at all) for 2-3 meals, because otherwise it goes to waste. I finished some chili verde I made on Sunday, yesterday. I think it’s mostly a good thing, this lessening of appetite…the clothes they make for older folks are pretty grim, without trying to find them in an extra extra large size…..


  2. My appetite has diminshed over the last few years (and this is not a bad thing), and now I seem to be on a strange “every four hour” diet, just snacks (muffins, or an apple and cheese, etc) and very little actual cook-and-eat stuff. Partly I need to eat more frequently because of my low blood sugar, which I like to keep ‘evened out” and while I can still fill out the corners with a bag of popcorn or some such, most times I just pot along by eating before Im on empty.
    However, put a full cheesecake and a fork in front of me, and I will do my level best to finish it. =)


  3. i am still nibbling in between meals. I still enjoy my food, but a plate full is enough and no longer take second helpings. Mr, Swiss not so much and my No.1 son just eats until there is nothing left


    1. Americans are really hung up on the “three meal a day” thing. Other countries, not nearly as much. We also tend to eat at specific hours. We would all be healthier if we ate a little when we were hungry and not automatically at assigned hours. I think that’s what we were taught in school.

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  4. I always assumed all the fat people got killed off by heart disease or diabetes before they hit old age. It will be interesting to see how my appetite does when I make it to those golden years…. because I’m still a big eater in my early 40’s, and I don’t have to feel hungry to get the urge to munch on something.


    1. Part of that eating is just habitual. You eat because that’s what you do when you aren’t doing something else. It was worst when I lived alone. I ate to console myself, and because the food tasted good and there was nothing worth watching on TV. Mostly, heavy people thin out as they age. They simply eat less and no, they don’t all die of heart disease or diabetes. A surprising number survive and by the time they hit my age, they look more or less normal.


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