FOWC with Fandango — Game

Monopoly from Parker Brothers

When I was a kid, we played this game all summer long. If we weren’t building a “clubhouse” or jumping rope or playing hide n’ seek, we were playing Monopoly.

Monopoly was a bad word once upon a time. Teddy Roosevelt fought the monopolies. He lost, by the way. He never beat Standard Oil and they are still the biggest oil company in this country … and possibly, worldwide.

These days, the bigger your monopoly, the better. No more fight from your government. If you are rich? We’ll make you even wealthier. That is because only the rich (pardon the pun) count. The rest of us? We are the dirt under corporate heels.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

15 thoughts on “MONOPOLY IS THE NAME OF OUR WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong”

      1. I have always been old. I was old when I was young. I was born in 1942. That was a good year.
        I don’t know who Count Rich or Rich is. I missed out on that somehow.
        I liked Count Basi but can’t spell his name. I remember Duke of Earl.
        And the Count in Sesami Street. He was cool.
        Elvis and Richard Petty were both Kings.
        Clark Gable was the King of Hollywood.
        I know Count your blessings and don’t count your chickens.
        John Wayne was the Duke.
        Count of Monte Cristo. Queen if Sheba.
        That is about it for now.

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  1. The interesting thing with Monopoly was that they have various street name versions for the different countries. The most expensive property in the British game was Park Lane and Mayfair and the Swiss one is Zürich Paradeplatz.


  2. I loved playing Monopoly. I pretty quickly figured out that one had to buy, buy, buy…. And as Pat wrote, I loved the different versions in different countries. Sadly, I’m married already for the 2nd time to a non ‘gamer’….. which limits my pleasure of doing games to no end.


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