GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS – Marilyn Armstrong

FRIDAY RDP: GRUBBY When I think of grubby, I think "three years old and covered with sticky apple juice." But today, cleaning around my sink, I realized parts of my world have gotten grubby too and are likely to get more so as time chugs on. Keeping your house clean used to be a normal … Continue reading GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS – Marilyn Armstrong

WHAT IS INTUITION? – Marilyn Armstrong

Weekly Word Prompt - Intuition Intuition - the sure knowledge that even though your husband swears he cleaned the bathroom, it isn't clean. Bet on it. How can a man who is so personally fastidious be oblivious to the dirt all around him? Is this a guy thing? Some weird part of the male psyche? I'm … Continue reading WHAT IS INTUITION? – Marilyn Armstrong


I live in New England and it is where I always wanted to live. I think I originally had a more northern destination in mind, but the requirements of work brought us originally to the Boston area and eventually, out to this valley. When I dream of the glory of a New England autumn, I … Continue reading ATTEAN WAY: MAINE, WILD AND WONDERFUL – Marilyn Armstrong