PINK SKY – Marilyn Armstrong

A Sky In The Pink

Although we are approaching the middle of September, there is still a lot of pink going around. Flowers and stuff.

And then, there are the skies. Some skies, are just so beautiful they don’t even look real.

Nothing more beautiful than a sunset on the water


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

13 thoughts on “PINK SKY – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. They are all up north and we are at the furthest point south you can be in the state without being in Rhode Island. We don’t even get gas here. You have to buy it in cylinders. But it is an awful mess and there are deaths and will probably be more.


  1. agreed….. MY personal heaven is the sundown over Lac Léman (Lake Geneva* for the foreigners….).
    * a pet peeve of mine, as to us Swiss Geneva has got nothing whatsoever to do with Switzerland, it’s full of non Swiss, adapts to every whim of rich and disagreeable business people and what’s so difficult to learn about a lake called Leman?


    1. Americans are particularly terrible about learning real place names. We seem to think it doesn’t matter. Maybe not to us, but it apparently matters to others.

      Switzerland has always been a “rich man’s” country. No one wants a war with the people who hold the world’s finances. On a positive note, at least you’ve also managed to avoid two world wars and a whole lot of smaller ones. Your country never got bombed or trenched and that has to be a good thing.

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      1. it is and I am thankful for this on a daily basis. I never take anything for ‘my due’ or for granted.
        Sadly, we don’t form part of the ‘rich man’s section’ but that’s OK – we’re still probably doing better than 98% of the world’s population.


  2. Wow, just look at this sky. If I saw this as a painting I would assume the artist had created it rather than painted it for real! Wonderful capture by you, loving the composition.


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