SQUARELY PINK – Marilyn Armstrong

Today Is Our 28th Anniversary

So what could be better than pink fuchsia? We grew these the last year we were able to buy fuchsia. It was the year of the invasion of the gypsy moth caterpillars which consumed every edible hardwood tree on our property and I think would have, had they had the teeth for it, have consumed us, too.

The next year, last year, I blew our budget and had the house and the trees around the house sprayed for caterpillars and we were spared the worst of the invasion.

These pictures were taken exactly two years ago, the last year I was able to find anyone who was selling fuchsia. I’ve had other plants that were beautiful, but none as beautiful as the fuchsia.

Maybe next year.

Two years ago pink fuchsia

45 thoughts on “SQUARELY PINK – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Most people, especially people who don’t “get” plants over-water everything. They literally drown them. I used to be the editor of the Doubleday Garden Library and I spent a lot of time writing about NOT overwatering plants, that a plant that gets too dry will come back when you water it, but if you water them too much, there’s no oxygen in mud, so they rot and die. For some reason, people have a terrible time believing that overwatering is what kills most plants.

      Overwatering, too much fertilizer, and handling them too much. Plants like to be left to grow in peace. It’s hard getting people to take care of plants and NOT kill them.


        1. I had someone kill my whole garden while we were away. I had maybe 200 plants and the house looked like a jungle — which at the time, i really liked. Now I’d hate it but I was a lot younger. He just watered EVERYTHING every day. He even watered the fake plants.


                1. You probably have a point there. We were a lot pickier about people to come in and care for the garden after that. I remember racing around trying to save all the cuttings I could so I maybe could regrow new roots. It was really bad.


                    1. And I salvaged a fair amount. A lot of the succulents rooted themselves given some non-mud soil and the cuttings grew roots. But I sure had a lot of work to do. These days, I keep maybe 8 plants, but back then, the entire downstairs of a very big house was covered with plants. Hundreds of them. Benign neglect is my signature πŸ˜€


    1. I really miss them. I was just thinking that the two nurseries that used to have them both closed … and I wonder where there’s another nursery where they may have them. The nursery where I bought our plants last year was closed this summer as was the other place where he always had fuchsia. We might have to do a little traveling to find what we want. They ARE beautiful. My favorite summer plant.


    1. For us, it was simple. Garry’s baby brother, the honorable Dr. Anton Armstrong, famed as the conductor of the St. Olaf’s Choir (in Northfield, MN) had to find a day when he wasn’t going to be on the road with his choir. We wanted him to sing — and HE wanted to sing, too — and then there was a bagpiper and my Maid of Honor wanted to sing and another friend wanted to sing … and there was NO way we were getting away with some kind of simple, basic music because we had all these professional and almost professional singing people … so …

      September 15 it was. We also didn’t (obviously) want the wedding in the middle of winter AND — because Garry wanted A REAL WEDDING (but making it a real wedding was MY job). And we HAD to have the ceremony at Garry’s church in New York even though we lived in Boston. I was going to have to get other people to pick food and flowers and everything. We wanted a SMALL WEDDING PLEASE — like, in the church basement that only holds 90 people, tops.

      When people asked if they could bring their kids, we said NO and they brought them anyway. Then Garry’s mother invited all HER best friends because she was Garry’s Mom and could do whatever she wanted. We pointed out we had to PAY for all those people we didn’t know. But apparently, we were rich. Could’ve fooled me.

      I wanted to go to city hall and have the Mayor marry us. He was a pretty good friend back then — he still IS a friend, though he’s long out of office — and we could have had a nice little ceremony on the steps of city hall, then grabbed a plane and headed for Ireland, but NO, we had to have this wedding with singers and electronics. I think we were the ONLY people to invite 86 people to the wedding and wind up with 110 people attending. NO one refused, including the people we were sure would not come.

      Everyone came (“You mean — GARRY is getting MARRIED? I’ve gotta BE there!”) and our personal friends and family got swamped by unknown churchgoers and Garry’s mother’s friends.

      All in all, it was a great wedding as weddings go. We have film. Had it transferred to DVD a while back — lost some pieces to the corrosion of time against mylar. I used to make everyone sit and watch it. You know, with a few exceptions (mostly due to death), we still know all the same people now we knew then. Funny about that!


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