MY STUPID DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — My Stupid Day

Some days, I’m smart. I can feel the smarts buzzing around my head, but this is not one of those days.

Let me start with my first stupidity of the day. I needed a refill on a medication. It said that I’d had 120 of them in the bottle a little more than a month ago and I have 15 now because I don’t always take the full amount I’m allowed. It’s for pain so I can do that.

I called the doctor’s office hoping for something with a refill on it but was told they’ve changed the law, so I can’t get refills anymore. I pointed out it isn’t an opioid. She pointed out “It’s amazing what things people will misuse.”

We both agreed that 120 pill was good for two months, even though I’m supposed to take four of them and it’s only 120 pills — but should be good for two months.

I called the pharmacy and complained I hadn’t gotten enough pills, except when I hung up, I multiplied 4 times 3o and came up with 120 — for ONE month. I should mention the pharmacist didn’t notice the problem either.

Apparently, no one can multiply 4 times 30 and come up with a one month supply of 4 pills a day.


I called back the office and said: “Hey, how much are 4 times 30?”

She sighed. “120. After you hung up, I realized we weren’t quite getting the multiplying thing right.”

I explained that I felt like a moron having just argued this point with the pharmacy. She said that math was never her good subject either. Neither one of us could multiply 4 times 30 and get 120. How depressing is that?

Then I spent a fair amount of time calculating which of two barn jackets — the classic LL Bean or the very not classic Land’s End lined version. I was going to buy it until I realized the LL Bean jacket is much nicer looking coat, but the Land’s End would be more user-friendly given our weather. At which point I also realized — I don’t need a coat. What’s more, I can’t afford one. And also — I have that same LL Bean jacket in my coat closet. Same size, color, style. Just from last year.

Not even at 50% off.

And my hand is killing me because I took my brace off (because I can’t type with it on) and now, I’m back where I was yesterday.

So much for today’s smarts.

47 thoughts on “MY STUPID DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I got that immediately, for once BUT re-calculated and re-calculated because I thought I didn’t get something in your post…. 😉 As a long suffering victim of being unable half of the time in math questions, I didn’t even have enough self-esteem to assume that for once I was right!
    Our pharmacy employees have the same eternal problem with my eye-drops. I need to use 3×1 portion per day and can get a 90 portion package each time. That lasts me a month, as some days I don’t need all the 3 drop-potions. But EVERY time, and I use them for many years now, a heavy calculation game is on….. I just smile and wait, and wait, and wait!

    Bears ONLY eat fast food – they have to go about it quickly because somebody, maybe YOU, might take it away from them! 🙂 Just like my dachsie . For 18 years she gobbled her food up in an unhealthy, unholy superspeed…. Nothing and nobody could teach her that no one would ever take away her food.


    • The funny thing is that I can usually do simple multiplication, but for some reason, we ALL got it wrong. Three out of three. One young one, two oldies. Maybe it was the weather, but it was definitely a very stupid day.

      Bears sleep in the winter so hopefully, we don’t have t work this out quite yet.

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  2. My pharmacist isn’t that good at math either. One of my scripts used to be a 2.5 mg pill I took once a day… but then my doc’s office (for whatever reason) started calling it in as 15 5 mg pills a month. OK, fine… even though I have to cut the pills in half now… but the last time I got it filled, they put 30 of them in the bottle anyway… and even seemed to “double check” it since the Qty: 15 on the label had been circled! Since that’s my only medication I can’t get at generic prices, I was quite happy to get a two month supply for the price of one…


    • It was a terribly stupid day yesterday, but some people are ALWAYS like that. The pharmacy interns (especially at CVS) are particularly dull-witted. I swear, you look in their eyes and see … nothing. I hear they have a serious opioid theft issue. Maybe that explains it.


    • yep. my husband gets so annoyed when I can’t find something, sometimes the very thing Im holding in my hand.

      o dear.

      go upstairs to get the good scissors, a half hour later go upstairs to get the good scissors, two hours later wonder what happened to the good scissors…which have been on the kitchen table all that time…right next to the reading glasses I’ve been looking for since breakfast. Some days Im amazed I can remember where my feet are.


        • Everyone ages differently. Some are old by the time they’re in their 50s, I had a neighbor like that, we called her “old Mrs. Hastings’. She was 55. Sad, angry woman. Some people are still moving well, into their 80s and 90s. Part genetics, part luck, part stubborness. And the rest of us reach for the stair rail when we go upstairs, and check to see if the step is still there where we left it yesterday.
          The only time I truly focus these days is when Im either writing or reading. Then again, that does seem to cover a lot of bases.


  3. Well I think as you are tired and sore you can be forgiven for maths brainfade. The woman at the surgery will have to find her own excuse, tired and overworked perhaps.
    Sometimes we have customers at the Op Shop who see a piece of clothing they really like only to realise it is one they donated themselves earlier, so if you are dumb you are not alone.


      • 😀 I’m glad. I often think I’m being funny only to find those around me are taking it seriously and getting offended. And with only fingers on keyboard it’s easy to miss the mark.
        Take care, and I hope you get some relief from the pain.


        • You have humor I recognize. Garry is also VERY dry — and often misunderstood.

          I’d be more optimistic if the cooking & cleaning were doable by someone other than me. But they aren’t, so it pretty much winds up staying the same.


            • You have no idea how useful it might be. People are photographing bears all over town with warnings to “call 911.” What, so they can shoot the bears? They’ve moved to the valley. We welcomed all the OTHER predators. Why not bears? Okay, they’re a little bigger than the other ones, but hey, this is the country.

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              • Black bears aren’t very predatory. They biggest danger is getting between a mom and a cub. Bears don’t like people, but they like food. I’ll send you this thing. Do I have your address? Are they legal in Massachusetts?


                    • Windchimes. No bird feeders. Find a way to fasten down the lids on your trash cans or bring them in. Motion sensor lights. High powered squirt gun. And your dogs barking — all will make the bears more interested in someone else’s house. You’ll have all winter to work this out 😉


                    • I was thinking about moving the trash bin inside to the garage and leave the recyclables outside. I don’t have room inside for both. We DO have movement sensitive lights already and the dogs bark a LOT. Often. Frequently. Loud, too. I figure the coyotes haven’t gotten them, so that’s something.

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                    • That’s a good idea with the trash. Motion sensor lights are good and barking dogs are very good. Predators don’t want to have to work too hard for food unless they’re very, very, very hungry and I’m sure your coyotes and bears are doing OK.

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                    • I don’t really know. The Bobcats moved on having eaten every rabbit, chipmunk and almost all the squirrels. We have too many predators and too little few small tasty creatures. We have deer, of course, and in summer, more than enough berries … but they have to share the berries with the deer (lots of them). There are lots of orchards and that would get the bears into a LOT of trouble. I’m really afraid the cops are going to try to shoot all the bears. We have fishers (look like big brown mink), coyote, raccoon, foxes, and a ton of eagles and hawks. I haven’t seen a rabbit in years. We had bobcats living here (in my teepee, actually) and they cleaned out anything huntable. That the coyotes didn’t already eat. So I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot left for the bears.

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  4. Everyone haz the dumbz now and again. Maths weren’t important for my generation of girls, nor it sounds like yours. They didn’t see the sense in teaching us properly, because ‘we were only going to get married anyway.” Feh! Tomorrow will be better! I promise!


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