Share Your World – 9-17-18

What is your favorite beverage?  

Favorite hot drink? Coffee.

Favorite cold drink? Not so clear. I like Coke, but I also love fruit juice. All kinds of flavors, too.

What is your interpretation of ‘The Golden Rule”?  Are there ramifications to breaking it?

I go with the Jewish version: “Don’t do to someone else what you wouldn’t want to be done to you.” It is the summary of most religious law.

Are there ramifications? Only if you have a conscience. Too many people don’t seem to have even a minimal sense of right and wrong. But they go to church.

Sunrise or sunset person?  

A gull at sunrise

It used to be sunrise because you can’t see a sunset on this property. Lately,  it has been sunset when I’m somewhere not so “treed” in.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Do people in modern society anthropomorphize animals too much? 

I don’t think we do, but some do. I don’t have a “count” on how many do what. I do know we love them a lot and why not? They love us back and they never pick on you for your faults.

What were you grateful for during the past week?      

Our anniversary, seeing old wonderful loving friends, and making an amazing clam and shrimp chowder 😀

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

11 thoughts on “THE NEWEST, SHINIEST “SHARE YOUR WORLD” – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. lol jcalberta! I’m with you on that one hehe. I love this segment, Marilyn. Getting to know you. You know yourself and that is such a boon as so many people really don’t!


  2. Great answers as usual Ms. Marilyn! ❤ I hope your hands are feeling a wee bit better today.. 😦 Now this is NOT scientific, but a fellow I know has really bad arthritis in his wrists and hands (he has been a big rig driver for most of his life. Like those who type, the repetitive motion takes a toll)…here's the non-scientific bit…he wears copper. One ring on the worst finger and a simple bracelet which he switches from wrist to wrist, depending on pain levels. He swears by them, says it has eliminated his pain (which I take with a grain of salt…NOTHING gets totally rid of that stuff), but I'm going to try it myself and suggest it to my brother. Hey, nothing ventured….right? 😉 Thanks for participating in SYW this week! 😀


    1. I have heard this and tried it — but that was a long time ago. Probably worth another shot. They are “better” today as in they hurt less than 2 days ago, but by the time I get finished with today’s entries, it won’t be much progress. When you work in high tech or any business where wrists are a major part of your life — camera people at TV stations and reporters are haunted by bad carpal and RMS — from pretty early on, depending on luck of the draw and DNA, hand problems just follow you around. It’s infuriating — and it makes it hard to do what you enjoy.

      Liked by 1 person

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