• Thank you! Everyone has their own favorite piece. I love the all so I would have trouble chosing which was my favorite. I think maybe one of the paper weights with flowers and birds inside, or one of the multicolored abstract ones.

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  1. You have a gorgeous collection and I really enjoy seeing them, thank you for sharing. I spent hours watching glass blowers making glass objects on youtube. It is quite an art. The results spectacular too 🙂


    • glass blowing is an amazing art. I have watched glass blowers at work many times and still find it a magical process. I never thought to go to youtube to look for glass blowers. Thanks for the idea!


    • I love bright, vibrant colors. I lived for so many years with muted color palettes, often in the beige, peach brown families, that I went crazy when I redecoatd a few years ago. I had used pastels a lot too so the brighter colors were what appealed to me this time around. I feel happy and cheerful looking at the beautiful colors all around me. So all the time and money spent redoecorating was worth it for me.

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  2. Lovely groupings — glass with colored backgrounds, glass with books, glass with wallpaper. I wish my pieces could be shared at this point, but they’re all packed for a potential move.


    • The key to a successful vgnette, is to use many objects and backgrounds to creat a cohesive whole. like to keep it simple, not more than three main items. But backgrounds and bases and surroundings can be manipulted to create a beautiful, interesting and cohesive wholes.


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