PORT OUT, STARBOARD HOME – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Saturday – POSH That was the way to travel. Port outboard, starboard on the way home. POSH - the comfortable way to travel aboard a steamship. Now, it means something else. Elegant or fancy. Even "dressed up." titanicstory.com But once, it meant how you chose the best room on the steamship carrying you on your … Continue reading PORT OUT, STARBOARD HOME – Marilyn Armstrong


College was not, as it turned out, particularly useful for practical stuff. Although I learned a reasonable amount, it had a tendency to be the kind of thing that makes great conversation while playing Trivial Pursuit rather than while trying to figure out your household budget for the month. Consider the subject of infinite sets. … Continue reading THIS INFINITY IS TOO SMALL – Marilyn Armstrong

A TIME-WARPED GUEST – Marilyn Armstrong

CELEBRATING THE FAMILY WE NEVER MET You just can't trust a time portal. As soon as you think you can relax, eat a little dinner, another old family member drops by. Or, rather pops up. “So,” says Uncle Shmuel, who has appeared out of nowhere and now miraculously speaks vernacular American English — albeit with a … Continue reading A TIME-WARPED GUEST – Marilyn Armstrong

WILD STRAWBERRIES – By Marilyn Armstrong

Wild Strawberries  I'm going hunting for a proper square pink picture. It's not the pinkness that's the problem. It's the squareness. I have oodles of miscellaneous pictures full of pink ... but most of them aren't square. These are wild strawberries. We used to have a lot of them, but this year, not so many. … Continue reading WILD STRAWBERRIES – By Marilyn Armstrong