WILD STRAWBERRIES – By Marilyn Armstrong

Wild Strawberries 

I’m going hunting for a proper square pink picture. It’s not the pinkness that’s the problem. It’s the squareness. I have oodles of miscellaneous pictures full of pink … but most of them aren’t square.

These are wild strawberries. We used to have a lot of them, but this year, not so many. The strawberries are tiny but incredibly sweet.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

14 thoughts on “WILD STRAWBERRIES – By Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. LOVE sweet strawberries! ❤

    Strawberries are leaving a somewhat 'sour' taste in the mouth down under this last month – have you heard of the National Strawberry Sabotage here?

    Seems to be no end of the stupidity and evil of some in our so-called 'civilised' society.

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      1. 2 weeks ago a news report from one of our eastern seaboard states said there had been 3 cases of strawberry punnets being tampered with – some moron has put sewing needles and pins in the strawberries that were found by customers when they tried eating them ( no injuries mentioned). They were in punnets from 3 different suppliers but sold by the one grocery chain so it seemed likely someone in shipping or storage with a grudge was to blame ( no-one yet reported as being caught).

        Next day there were 5 then 10 identical cases in three different states and a range of suppliers and still mostly the same chain of sellers.
        By the end of the week there were over 100 reports in all 7 states given to police and growers were beginning to panic as orders dropped and fresh fruit had to be dumped (one grower tipped 20 tons as rubbish!?).

        It was likely there were a few ‘copycat’ cases with idiots trying for their 15 minutes of ‘fame’. Some twerps put nails in apples and bananas but there were only one or two reported cases affecting ‘other’ fruit. One 12 year old girl was arrested (not charged because of age) after she ‘pranked’ her schoolmates saying she found a pin in her lunchbox strawberries. A student told a teacher who called the police and that’s when she ‘fessed up. No-one else has yet been caught. 😦

        Typical of the times today there were people prepared to go to lengths to ensure the good side of human nature was evident with campaigns to ‘save the strawberry farms from going under’ encouraging people to by more strawberries, picking them themselves if felt necessary and many people buying more than they would otherwise to show their support. Our Prime minister was quick to jump on the self-promoting bandwagon and suggested everyone in Australia bake a Pavlova and decorate it with strawberries on the weekend to help out.

        Yesterday it had ‘jumped’ the Tasman Sea with a few cases reported in our neighbour New Zealand, curiously from stores that were owned by the same chain as most cases were here indicating it is likely the work of a store distribution employee. We await further developments.

        Back to you in the studio, Garry! 😉

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