2018 – ANOTHER SEPTEMBER SONG – Garry Armstrong

I’ ve asked old acquaintance, Walter Houston, once again, to lead us with his melancholy vocal of “September Song” to set the mood.

September is a bittersweet month for many of us. For the young, it’s the end of summer,  goodbye to the idyllic warm days of endless fun and those first romantic days and nights recorded on songs whose lyrics you now struggle to remember.

It’s adieu to summer camp. I have positive memories of Silver Bay and Camp Wilbur Herrlich,  Kodak memories of Lutheran Summer Camps in the woods of upstate New York.  Roasting hot dogs, marshmallows and chugging “bug juice” around twilight campfires.

Barbecue in the yard

In the far recesses of my brain,  we’re again singing  “We are climbing Jacob’s Ladder,” “Beautiful Savior” (Mom’s favorite hymn) and “Abide With Me.” Some of the mid-teen voices are cracking as we try to go to higher notes.  Boys and girls sneak quick looks at each other, cementing romances that will be “forever.”

September fields

Pastor Herb Gibney, who was a central figure in my life from age 13 to age 48  (He was the lead minister at our wedding in 1990), would regale us with “colorful” stories we were not supposed to tell our parents.  All the hushed laughter in our tents overnight as we watched fireflies light the sky and we swapped stories that had little truth. We always wanted to be the last one to fall asleep.

September also is the pivotal month in sports.  Our baseball teams are in their final drive for a pennant, postseason berths and, if lucky,  a trip to the World Series.  There’s a lot of nail-biting, prayers to the big baseball guy in the sky and sleepless nights as our team struggles.

September by the Blackstone

It’s the beginning of football on all levels — from the NFL down to Junior High School and local PeeWee Leagues.  Here in New England,  we wonder if the ageless Tom Brady can pull off his magic and lead the Patriots to one more Superbowl.  Tom is a 40 something quarterback this year and the Patriots don’t look very super after their first two games.  Yes, I know it’s just September and early for professional football.

September is a big month for weather.

Hurricane season, in particular. Florence is still wreaking havoc with Atlantic coastal cities and there’s no end in sight right now.   We’re happy to be above Flo’s path of destruction.  We just had heavy rain which doesn’t sit well with our furry children.

The 9th month is the beginning for political hopefuls who hope to win in the midterm elections.  We’re hoping all those upset with the status quo, embrace a candidate’s campaign and participate in a BIGLY effort come election day — as in, get out and VOTE.

We’re also about to be inundated with the new season of TV shows. From what we’ve seen in previews,  don’t hold your breath unless you’re watching Candace Bergen as “Murphy Brown” returns to television.

I also noticed the Hallmark Channel is beginning its run of Christmas themed romantic dramas.  I’ll pass.

Walter Houston is wrapping up his encore of “September Song”.

Thank you, Kind Sir.   Same time, next year…

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  1. that was a bit too fast…. I quite like that song, it’s a bit nostalgic just like September – and September is a lovely month as it brings us back candle light in the evenings, mugs of hot tea, more reading hours and time to listen to music …. AND the colours of the change of season. It’s such a wild month too, nature recklessly throwing off her clothes 🙂

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  2. Didn’t know this song but that’s normal – I’m a Swiss and uneducated in American songs — although in the seventies when I lived a bit in Canada as a near-child bride I made the acquaintance of singers in the field of country music….. all of which I quickly forgot when I returned home!


  3. Lovely description covering the Autumn scene

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  4. Sweet September!…. it’s the start of Spring down here! 🙂

    It’s also the end of our ‘footy’ season ( Aussie Rules Football) – my home team (West Coast Eagles) is in the Grand Final after finishing second in the league. The first place team has just been knocked out in the semi’s so the Cup may be coming home once more! 😉

    Hoping the elctions soon come and go and you get the change you’re longing for! 🙂

    Take care, Mate.


    • OUR team clinched so they are in the playoffs. Whether that will take them all the way remains to be seen, but at least we are in the finals.

      I hope the elections mean something this time because if they don’t, we are well and truly cooked.

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      • Our Boys of Summer, now shivering in September’s chill, have slowed down. I think they may set a franchise record for regular season victories. The record was set when Babe Ruth was a Boston hero and the Titanic was fodder for debate. I hope the Sons of Teddy Ballgame can shine in October’s post season when it’s a brand new game.

        The Midterms — one can do more than dream. Stop venting and the hell out and VOTE!

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    • Bob, Marilyn and I were discussing the midterms last night. We are so hopeful people will pause foaming at the mouth, get out and VOTE to send a message to all the turds in The White House and “On the Hill”.

      I have a dream……I have a dream…in mid-November, I can carry a banner that reads “Adios Bad Hombres”.

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      • I wouldn’t – people will think you’re an illegal mexican refugee! 😉

        Just make sure your vote is heard loud and clear. 🙂 – and maybe rustle some folks out of their apathy or fear they can do nothing to change things for the better. Every vote counts, unless it’s deemed ‘informal’. 😉

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        • Bob, THIS year, even the “stay at homes” should feel it — deep in their guts — the need to get out and cast their vote. ONE vote – YOUR vote could help turn the tide of horrible events.

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          • Not sure which is the better system: yours where people have to decide first If they want to vote; if they believe their vote will change anything for the better (often difficult to believe – on my part anyway!) and then decide which of two sides to vote for – or our system where voting is compulsory ( there are minimal fines for not voting and everyone over 18 is supposed to enrol to vote in federal and state elections) – even if you decide to deliberately invalidate your vote or vote for a ‘no-win’ candidate as an act of sticking it to the ‘establishment’ (both sides).

            Either way we seem to either get jackasses or puppets as ‘leaders’ these days, in our case the leader’s party has dumped the guy who led them to win the election – TWICE!…. FROM EITHER SIDE!!…AND THEN DUMPED THE BLOKE THEY HAND PICKED TO REPLACE THE FIRST GUY WITHIN 18 MONTHS!
            6 ‘Leaders’ in 11 years with 4 elections, and a new election due next year with yet another ‘temproary’ leader likely to be elected.

            Meanwhile the real leaders who determine ‘policy’ remain hidden away and out of sight of the voting public – just they way they want it.

            ‘Democracy’ is leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth even saying the word lately. 😦

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            • Bob, I hear you. But Democracy is still the best considering the alternatives.
              I truly hope all those yelling about the state of our union — get off their butts and go VOTE — It’s the only bullet we have. I wish it was silver.

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  5. Oh, I love this song but never remember the name..Golden Oldie..

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    • Garry loves this version of it, even though Walter didn’t have a great voice. Garry likes the scratchy-husky voice quality. It goes with the words.

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      • I like his rendition better than Frank Sinatra’s, too. It always makes me cry. Trying to remember what movie it was in. I see it was introduced in “Knickerbocker Holiday” but I’m sure it was in a movie as well. All they will produce on Google is the Earth, Wind and Fire version when I ask what movie it was in. Very different.

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        • Definitely a Garry question. He will know the answer. If it’s movie-related, that’s his ballpark 😀


          • September Affair is a 1950 film directed by William Dieterle and starring Joan Fontaine, Joseph Cotten and Jessica Tandy. It was produced by Hal B. Wallis. Garry didn’t remember the movie either. The song is sung by Huston in the background. What would I do without Google?

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            • Marilyn,a good Google find. William Dieterle, is one of those German natives who left as Hitler took over. They wanted him to do Nazi propaganda films. He said, “Heil, no” and came to the U.S. where he specialized in romantic dramas like “Love Letters” and “Portrait of Jennie”, one of my favorite flicks. “September Affair” is one of his later efforts.


        • I don’t think I had Earth, Wind and Fire in mind….


    • Life, it’s been a favorite for decades. We had it on a ’78 when I was a kid. Huston sang it in the ’47 play, “Knickerbocker Holiday”. Never got to see it but recall Huston being interviewed on the radio that year.
      I think “September Song” grows in poignancy for us as we grow older and look back. It’s a goodie for those remembering old romances. Many have covered the song. Sinatra bookended this in concert with “September Of My Years” and was memorable. Sinatra also teamed with Peggy Lee for a version that left everyone misty eyed.
      I still like Walter Huston’s version best. His son, John ( did a film or two) lamented, “Father, Father…..always stole the evening with that song”.


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