Friday Foto Fun: Blossom

It’s coming into Autumn now, so most of the blossoms are gone and the bright leaves will (I hope) come soon.  So far, all I see are a few yellow leaves. Nothing in the red or orange category. But the fall is still young.

There is time yet.

10 thoughts on “BLOSSOM TIME, BUT NOT IN NEW ENGLAND – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Got a new server, free too, imagine that and it seems to be working so much faster! Unfortunately, I was down for a day and I’m now behind on posts, doing some catching up. 🙂 Hopefully, this means I will find all the people that have suddenly gone missing.

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    • I delete anything I have not gotten to (that isn’t business) after 24 hours. I get more then 150 emails a day, so if I fall behind, I never finished. It just gets worse and worse. Lately, we’ve been doing other stuff, so I have not been on the computer as much. I’ve made a decision I need to have a life that isn’t entirely computer-related. Of course, winter will come and then, it’s computer time anyway because we don’t go out much with the snow and ice … but for now, it is nice to have a non-virtual life 🙂

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      • I know, I’m the same. I sit at the computer and write when I can, but life is busy and getting busier and now that I’m having fun with the jewelry thing, I want to do that more as well. Time yikes, never enough!


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