Tom Paxton – “Bottle of Wine”

I’ve been a Tom Paxton fan forever. He may be one of the greatest writers and singers of folks songs. Ever. He is 80 now, still performing, still living on Long Island in New York.

May you live forever, Tom Paxton! You bring my youth back to me!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

8 thoughts on “BOTTLE OF WINE, FRUIT OF THE VINE – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Tom Paxton — still doing it! — at 81. That’s wonderful. I’ve always been partial to his “The Last Thing On My Mind”. We played a lot of Paxton at the old college radio station.
    The Pride of Long Island.


    1. And a modest, funny guy. Politically in our ballpark, but not frothing at the mouth crazy. He was never a monster performer, but I remember Jeff and I got free tickets for a show he was giving in Central Park … and there we were, with all the other people our age. Going a little bald, carrying babies in backpacks, still wearing the same jeans they wore back when we were fighting about Vietnam. It was a great evening.


  2. I have known of Tom Paxton and his songs forever, often without realizing who or what i was hearing. Even got in a huffing match with a woman much younger than I, when she tried to tell me that his ‘Irish’ songs were old Irish ballads that he had stolen. I said, ‘honey, he wrote those probably before you were born” and she just crossed her eyes at me and basically called me a liar and Paxton a plagiarist. Nev-er mind.

    He did have the oddest range, though. I sent one of his CDs to a friend who is a skilled pianist and singer, and she wrote back and said, “I can’t figure out what key he’s in. There we are, singing away like anything, and suddenly he’s in the cellar and I’m wondering what happened to my voice!” Yep, me too.


    1. He was never a great singer and he didn’t have much range. I think he changed keys when he ran out of range. But he wrote SO many songs … love songs, kids songs, talking blues, political stuff … a staggering amount. He didn’t perform alone much, probably because while he played the guitar well enough, he wasn’t a great singer and he knew it. I think everyone stole HIS songs.


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