VERY PERSONAL WRISTS – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Personal I thought I had this under control, but I don't. Last night, I turned my wrist sideways and the pain shot up my arm and I said "Oh, shit." Sorry. I really have something -- more than something -- to say, but I can't write until this hurts a lot less. … Continue reading VERY PERSONAL WRISTS – Marilyn Armstrong


Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the Supreme Court and has been accused of attempted rape as a seventeen year old. This has precipitated a national debate over acceptable teenage behavior. Kavanaugh’s enablers have several, typical defenses for him. He was a hormone filled boy and boys will be boys – so he’s not … Continue reading TEENAGE SEXUAL ASSAULT – BY ELLIN CURLEY

ROSY MANCHAUG – By Marilyn Armstrong

Rosy Manchaug Although we usually photograph the dam in Manchaug, the area is known for it's rather large and deep pond and an annual rubber duck race held there. From the pond come a lot of streams, not all of which have names. They don't run long distances, either ... which is perhaps why they … Continue reading ROSY MANCHAUG – By Marilyn Armstrong


A Photo a Week Challenge: Ready, set, action! From Nancy Merrill: While we were visiting our kids in Chicago, we were able to catch the University of Utah vs. Northern Illinois football game. (Good news for us, Utah won.) It was really fun taking pictures with the 75-300mm telephoto lens. If you don’t have a tripod, … Continue reading ACTION! A PHOTO A WEEK CHALLENGE – Marilyn Armstrong