Wednesday RDP – INSPIRE

There is so much going on in the world. All around the world, not just in the U.S.A. There has been a terrifying resurgence of the kind of retrograde, negative, and hatefulness I thought we fixed with that huge second world war that was fought just before I was born.

We forget. Or maybe, more accurately, we never fully understood what happened. We know what “we” did. We went and we fought the evil powers that had arisen “elsewhere.” Even today, we obviously don’t understand how it began. How it came to be so powerful that it took an entire world at war to make it end.

So here we are, 75 years later, and it’s happening again.

We don’t understand what happened then and apparently, we don’t see what’s happening now. Sometimes I blame the failure of our schools to properly teach history — real history. The truth about how a country goes from a democracy that has always been a home to every form of the arts and instead becomes an engine of terror and destruction.

It’s not alone, either. It may be the “biggest” of the countries that became the opposite of what they had always held dear, but they were by no means alone. There have been horror stories on every continent and no nation has been exempt.

Here we are again. Lying to the public with a public willingly believing the lies because the lies notch naturally into their personal hatreds and prejudices.

Do we have to completely destroy ourselves before we are inspired to look at our cultures, our societies, our world and say “This is not the way? Let’s be better.” Or, as Jim Jeffries likes to say, “We can all do better.”

We can all do a lot better. We need to do a lot better. We need to inspire each other with truth, honesty, caring, integrity, decency, and honor. Because if we can’t find those things and make them part of our souls and teach them to our children, there’s nothing worth saving.

Be inspired. Find the best parts of yourself. Spread the goodness to the world around you. Be better!

16 thoughts on “BE INSPIRED! SAVE YOUR WORLD! – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. It is not just young people who don’t want to know. I have a friend in her 80’s who insists she is non-political and doesn’t want to hear anything about politics.. another friend in her seventies who is the same. Another friend who insists both parties are corrupt and much as she hates Trump and his cronies, is not going to vote for any major party. When will people learn that not voting is a vote for these men who have bought our democracy! We need to get out the bad seed and then to revamp our system so there is a greater division of power. Presidents should not be able to fire those who are investigating them. Nor should they be able to appoint or remove judges. I am sorry to say our government appears to be broken. It needs not only to be fixed but to be healed!!!


  2. My mother wrote an essay about WWII and won first prize for all of Canada. It was published in Macleans Magazine many years ago. I have the original. She was just 16 years old when she wrote it. Reading it today, I don’t think it would be acceptable. We still have much to learn about social issues and the society we live in.


    • I so wish Mencken, Murrow , Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and a few others who wrote with a sharp quill were around right now to hold “Donzo And The Juniors” feet to the fire.

      ‘He that troubleth his own house……..shall inherit the wind’.

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    • I get so frustrated by how many people — no matter what is going on — simply don’t CARE. It’s like they live on some other planet and I don’t understand it. We will, as Tom Lehrer put it so well ” We will all go together when we go.” I can understand disagreement. I do not understand apathy and indifference.

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      • Oddly enough, I’ve just had the most refreshing converstaion with a young lad staying with my neighbour. He is eighteenand about to head off to universtity…and was complaining about how few people care, or even bothe rto look up from their mobile phones as life is happening. It gave me a lot of hope listening to him.


        • There are some alert and smart ones, but there is an awful lot of dead wood, too. I really think a lot of people would liven up if they discovered a world outside their telephone. I am convinced we still have people who are smart and sharp and capable and intelligent … but it can be hard to find them.


            • My granddaughter, who is certainly no dummy, is convinced that nothing going on has anything to do with her. I’m sure that has a lot to do with living with her mother who basically pays all her bills. She doesn’t have to come up with rent or food or medical expenses. Her father pays her phone and car insurance. Of course, this will all be eventually (and in the case of her father — very soon) disappear and then she is going to discover the world first-hand. But she doesn’t want to know. Denial, apathy, lack of knowledge. Intentional lack of knowledge. I simply don’t get it. It’s not like she didn’t come from a very aware, very involved home … so where did this come from? I get very demoralized by it. If I can’t get through to my own granddaughter, how can I get through to anyone else?


              • I don’t know, Marilyn… so many young people feel the same… and the rest are actively trying to do something. I’m not sure that was ever all that different. Growing up, half my friends were actively protesting, the other half just looking for husbands or planning careers.


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