Yesterday was “National Register to Vote” Day. It does NOT mean you can’t register today. If you are reading this, you have a computer and you can do it. It takes a few minutes. You might discover you are already registered, but it doesn’t hurt to check. 

More people didn’t vote in the last presidential election than voted. Everyone seemed to think their individual vote didn’t matter. The thing is, probably one vote didn’t matter but collectively, ALL those votes mattered enough to get Trump elected rather than Clinton who had three million more votes than Trump had.

This election is called “the mid-terms.” It is when we re-elect the entire house of Representatives and part of the Senate. There are a lot of governors up for re-election too as well as many state-level representatives and senators. Everything matters!

Please vote. Regardless of what you believe, I’d prefer you vote “my way,” but most important is that you vote. That all of you care enough about our form of government to make your voices heard. If we do not get out there and vote, we will not have a republic. It is slipping away from us and you are the reason that’s happening.

Maybe it really IS time to get serious about making significant changes to our Constitution. It’s a few hundred years old and there are artifacts in it that need changing, certainly including how the electoral college is created and used.

None of this will happen without YOU. There will be no power-structure changes unless you make it happen. Democracy lasts as long as the people who are governed by it care enough to make it work and if we don’t care, we’ll live in an oligarchy where the rich do whatever they want and we are crunched under their feet. Isn’t that already happening?

We are in real danger of losing the only thing that made this country great: our freedom.

There’s a website – – which gives the overall explanation of voting in the U.S. Each state has its own rules so you will have to find your state and follow the instructions. It is not complicated.

But please do it. Today. If you want to be a free person in a free country, you will either become part of the solution or you will be the reason it ends.

There is nothing you can do that is more important than voting. No donation, or signs on your lawn, or petitions can be as important as voting  — and getting everyone you know to do the same.

Don’t let your nation slide away so your grandchildren can’t remember this country was ever a democracy. That is exactly what is going to happen. I’ll be gone by then, but how will you feel about it? That you were too self-involved to bother and let your government slide away?

Do it now. There’s nothing more important.

11 thoughts on “PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE TODAY! – Marilyn Armstrong

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  2. I have been registered to vote ever since I was old enough to vote. I may have missed one or two local elections (my bad), but I will NOT miss the November elections. If you don’t vote, you cannot make a difference and you are not allowed to whine over the results. We have so many freedoms here that other countries don’t, and voting is one that is taken for granted. I never take voting for granted and I wish all Americans felt the same.

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    • Is it just me? I think of this as the most important “off year” election in my adult memory. Given all that’s so wrong in our nation, there’s ***NO**** excuse for NOT EXERCISING our most powerful weapon — THE VOTE. It is more powerful than those assault weapons that proliferate our streets. More Powerful than the scumbag lobbyists. More powerful than the “backroom boys” cutting deals with weak wannabees. Finally, it’s more powerful than the moldy turds who cling to their seats of power on the hill and in The White House. Think of all the people in other countries who drool over our voting rights.

      Time to zip the complaints, encourage your neigbors and family — ALL OF YOU — Get the hell out and send a CLEAR message with your votes. And, no more voting for someone because he or she is nice and has been around for a thousand years. We need an infusion of dedicated, young, intelligent people with enough moxy not to be blinded by the spotlight or hands offering dirty money.

      One more thing: You’ll feel so much better by…just doing your duty.

      Okay? Now get it done!

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  3. Couldn’t agree more!!! This is maybe the most vital mid-term elections ever. Please, if you’re upset by what’s been going on since the current administration took over, do something to help change it. They’re counting on voter apathy. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Please!!!!

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