And from now to the end of the month, it will be fuchsia. I have a lot in different colors, at different stages of development … and I love them.

Macro fuchsia – Dark violet and white

12 thoughts on “FUCHSIA – DARK VIOLET WITH WHITE – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. I really love fuschias! – That one is gorgeous.

    You’ll have to move Down Under – i was looking at 4 different types in Big W (Dept Chain store) just yesterday. Any nursery here would have many more! Unfortunately, i resisted the urge to splurge, Fuchsias and i have a troubled history. 😦


  2. Not sure I’d class dark violet as pink! But a gorgeous macro portrait all the same. Not sure why you can’t overwinter fuchsias. I have done for many years and they always come back in the spring. They like a cool place and hardly any watering. Of course hardy ones cope outside here, but I guess your temperatures go a lot lower in winter than ours do.

    “Find a cool, dark place in your home to store the fuchsia. The temperatures should range from 45-55 F. (4-7 C.). Basements and attached garages normally work well for this. Place the fuchsia in this place and cut back watering. The plant will lose its leaves and appear dead, but remember that it is not. Continuing fuchsia winter care is basically watering the plant about once every three to four weeks. ”

    Read more at Gardening Know How: Fuchsia Winter Care – Tips For Wintering Fuchsias https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/fuchsia/fuchsia-winter-care.htm


    • Sadly, I don’t. Fuchsia doesn’t winter indoors and won’t regrow in the spring. I used to buy two or three new ones every May, but this year and last year, I could not find anyone who was selling them. I was told they “went out of style.” How does something so beautiful “go out of style?”


      • I knew guys who had dozens of fuchsia inside, as did my best friend’s mother as we were growing up–and that was in South Dakota! She had them in hanging baskets near the window. They never went outside.


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