SOFT COLORS – Marilyn Armstrong & Garry Armstrong

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pastel Colors

I’ve been doing a lot of pink lately for the September Pink-O-Thon … so now I need to find some pastels that I haven’t recently used. Surely I’ve got some that are not pink, right?

Sure I do. I just need to find them.

Somewhere in my 100,000 photographs, they are waiting for me. Waiting …

One pastel kitten – Photo: Garry Armstrong
The soft tones in the mosaic in downtown Uxbridge – Photo Marilyn Armstrong
Softly falling water – Photo Garry Armstrong
Gently nostalgic by the Blackstone River – Photo: Garry Armstrong
Softly lit orchids – Photo: Marilyn Armstrong
Soft begonia macro – Photo Marilyn Armstrong
Graphic stone and falls – Photo Marilyn Armstrong
Pastel dam and falls – Photo Marilyn Armstrong
The falls and grasses – Photo Garry Armstrong



Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

37 thoughts on “SOFT COLORS – Marilyn Armstrong & Garry Armstrong”

    1. I generally like soft colors anyway, though I’m learning to like stronger hues too. It probably has to do with liking to wear soft colors, so I tend to get pretty monochromatic 🙂


      1. Cool. I just got a small orchid, it’s blooming now. Pretty purple flowers. I’m hoping it will last a while, most of my plants die pretty quick. 😦


        1. D0 NOT overwater it. More plants die from too much water than too little. Put it by a window that’s bright, but not always full sun. Then be patient. DO NOT OVERWATER. Wait until the soil is really DRY. Not moist. DRY. And good luck!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thanks for the tips. I think I will be OK with the overwatering. I’m usually gone for at least a week at a time. Sometimes 2-3 months out on a ship. Thats why all my plants die.


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