JUSTICE? REALLY? – Marilyn Armstrong


I don’t have anything useful to say about this except that whatever we think justice is, I’m not seeing any evidence of it these days and not for a long time.

After yesterday — which I presumed and assumed was going to be horrendous — and which was indeed horrendous even beyond my own expectations, I have little hope left that we will see anything like justice in my lifetime.

Garry is fuming. Pity he finally got his hearing working just in time for hearing this bullshit.

Someone said, “you can’t burn the truth.” But I’m here to say “Yes, you can. We have. We are.”

We aren’t going to stop, either. Unless all of you who hate what’s going on show up and vote during the mid-term elections, it will keep getting worse until you are living in a country you do not recognize.

Personally? This isn’t any version of the U.S.A. I recognize. I don’t know what it is, and worse, I fear what it is becoming, but it’s not my home anymore.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

14 thoughts on “JUSTICE? REALLY? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. “I have little hope left that we will see anything like justice in my lifetime.” I understand how you are feeling, Marilyn. I feel so bad now. Yet, I am sure that change is on its way. I hope to live a little longer. You will too, I’m sure. Take care.


  2. Garry’s feelings are scaringly similar to what my dad used to say when we all had to ‘scream’ at him because he refused to put on his hearing aid: I’m glad for everything I don’t hear nowadays…. That was in the 1990th, he died on Jan.1, 2006. I wish for Garry that he could just ‘switch it off’ but I am sure he still would want to know all the gruesome details.


  3. Apparently the K is now waffling over lie detector tests, which he once said were the ‘backbone’ of any investigation, and now saying they aren’t dependable. Trouble with refusing to take one now is only gonna make him look even worse. And I see that Trump is waffling a bit on the K. I just love the way these guys support each other.
    Not the sort of friends I would want on a mountain climbing expedition with rappels and trust involved, nope.

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    1. These are such horrible human beings in every possible way. My shrink, who I only see a few minutes a month talked about yesterday. I said “So what’s your diagnosis?” and she said, “I can’t even figure out where to start.” We agree that any form of restraint — jail, mental hospital — would do the job pretty well.


  4. Couldn’t agree more. Canada’s looking better and better by the day. But, that’s likely what they’d prefer, for us liberals to leave. This “liberal snowflake” isn’t gonna give them the satisfaction. I think I’ll stay here a be general dissident to this bullshit. What a sham yesterday was. Pathetic.


  5. I’m sorry that Jeff Flake is retiring — last night I envisioned him “pulling a McCain,” walking into the vote at the end with thumbs turned down! There are a few good men in Congress — we need a few more!

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