ARIZONA SUNSETS – Marilyn Armstrong

ARIZONA SUNSETS – Marilyn Armstrong

I was amazed at the sunsets everywhere in Arizona. Maybe it was because it never rained, but the colors were amazing. Just when I thought they couldn’t be better, the subsequent night would be even more extraordinary.

And so it went from one night to the next night, glorious sunset after sunset. In the mountains and even from city streets. Some nights, the sunset was so red it turned the mountains red, too.

Sunset – Phoenix


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

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19 thoughts on “ARIZONA SUNSETS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Maybe because of all the deserts in the area, the atmosphere is full of particulates? I know sandstorms will cause fiery sunsets… something has to be refracting the sun’s rays to cause that.


    1. I’m sure you are right. A completely clear sky never yields sunsets like that, so it is probably the sand. But it was remarkable. Every night and each night was more amazing than the one before. Garry had a folder full of sunsets too (the same sunsets, generally, because we were in the same place) … What was more remarkable was how the sky kept changing color from minute to minute. I never got tired of them, but most people sort of shrugged and said: “This is just how it is, out here …”

      I don’t think I’d ever get used to it.

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  2. Sunsets in the west are often gorgeous. Utah, New Mexico and Arizona have the most spectacular. Most people love sunsets on the water. I do too. But there is something special with the inland regions and mountains that provide unusual sunsets. Yours are breathtaking.


    1. With that “big sky” you see over the southwest, the sunsets are even more remarkable. And the colors were so bright and they reflected on everything — including the nearby mountains.


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