Autumn Comes to New England – #writephoto

It is the end of September. Normally, we would be wrapped in the bright leaf colors for which New England is justly famous. Not so far.

We were at Manchaug a few days ago and everything was green.  We always look for the first color of the year along the water, but aside from some berries and a few yellow leaves, it was still deep summer green.

The dam at Manchaug was full this year. Lots of rain this spring and summer.

It seems to make the colors bright and show up sooner than anywhere else.

But it was green along the river on Tuesday. Today is Friday and it has been pouring for the past couple of days. Good news? The temperature is down and you can see bits and pieces of the season on its way.

Bad news? If it doesn’t stop raining soon, the leaves will turn yellow, then brown, then fall off the trees. Rain is just not the best thing for autumn colors.

Today, though I began to see — through the rain — the start of colors and even the occasional scarlet maple tree shining through the green. And finally, I saw a tree. Just one tree, mostly yellow with some red. I took pictures.

Considering how grim much of life has been, one bright tree made all the difference.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. Retired! Yay!

23 thoughts on “AUTUMN COMES TO NEW ENGLAND – #WRITEPHOTO – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Spoke to my mum today and stated that – although we had the hottest, driest summer in a long, long time – and we now really have some glorious late summer weather, hardly any leaves have fallen yet. The only ones blowing about are those which dried off in all those hot days. She took a walk and commented on the strong winds and the colourful leaves. Different countries, but fall/autumn will be here soon!


    1. The leaves haven’t changed color — or fallen. Yet. I think we’ll have at least a week or two of Autumn, but late — and only if the storms stop. Our problem that seasons that used to take a month now happen entirely in a couple of days. That IS change, like it or not. Don’t count on the planet doing it all for you. It isn’t and it won’t. But maybe we’ll get a little bit and hopefully, soon, before it’s winter again.

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  2. It does seem strange to those who remember killing frosts usually happened by the 3rd week of Sept. here. No more, the past few years that date has been a month later. Definitely a change.


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