RADICAL SHMADICAL- Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango β€” Not Feeling Radical

I couldn’t think of anything radical except maybe for that day I went in for a light trim to my waist length hair and before I had a chance to say what I wanted, the guy with the scissors had lopped off 10 years of care and love and left me with a chin length “bob.”

Photo: Garry Armstrong

That was really radical and I can’t even begin to tell how seriously pissed off I was. It took years to grow it back and now, I can’t grow it back — it’s too thin, so I keep it around shoulder length. At least I’m not bald. Yet.

Otherwise, it’s Sunday. I need a break. I’m tired, half asleep and the house is pretty cold … and I can’t afford to turn the heat on yet. It’s too soon.

We took photographs yesterday and then I came home and made fish chowder. Then I realized I was going to sit down or fall down … and where was my wrist brace?

So today is a radical day off.

11 thoughts on “RADICAL SHMADICAL- Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. We’ve both been awfully tired lately and my wrist has been pretty bad. So I can work for a while, but then I have to stop. I’m working very slowly on the photographs and not doing a lot of writing. I really can’t. Doing anything manual just plain hurts.

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      1. And; the right shoulder, wrist and thumb are acting up… Thank you Mr. Deer for not paying attention to what was coming down the road US! in 2005 on our home rebuilt VW trike painted John Deere Green, etc. He didn’t survive, but did quite a bit of damage, none the less.!! These are very beautiful pictures by the way!!


        1. When the hand acts up, the wrist, thumb, and shoulder always act up too. It isn’t unusual for both hands to go together, sort of like joining the strike to make the owners pay attention.

          Hopefully, the best pictures are yet to come, assuming we are up to taking them. We have been SO exhausted lately. I’ve got my annual medical on Tuesday and I need to ask if there’s something I need to do — other than getting about 100% more sleep.

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  1. Hope you have a good annual checkup and get to feeling better so you can have more fun taking pictures, which you do so well. Have been a camera bug much of my life, though not on your level… take a lot with my camera these days….


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