FOWC with Fandango — Weight I still see my brother Michael, pressed and polished, shaking hands down at the store Everyone had come to see the all-star hop the Greyhound bus and go to war He punched me in the arm to say goodbye It was the first time that I saw our father cry I … Continue reading THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD, JUDY COLLINS – Marilyn Armstrong

COSTUMES – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Wednesday – COSTUMES Photos: Garry Armstrong I wanted to wear a different pair of earrings today. I've had them quite a while, but I've never worn them. Not they I don't love them, because I really do. They are gorgeous. Big, bright, beaded. Which also means they are quite lightweight and comfortable. All good. But … Continue reading COSTUMES – Marilyn Armstrong


My fame as An Important Blogger has spread beyond the realm of the living into the nether regions as I went searching for a character to interview. Death popped right up and volunteered. I wasn't sure he was entirely fictional but eventually decided most people don't believe he's real, so he qualifies. He has been … Continue reading HAPPY HALLOWEEN: AN INTERVIEW WITH DEATH – Marilyn Armstrong


A Golden Autumn Evening It was a sunny day. A beautiful day.  I painted a little piece of my front door that needed retouching because when we replaced the lock and door handle, it didn't precisely fit where the old one had been. Then, after that, it got gray for a while. I was sad … Continue reading ONE GOLDEN AUTUMN EVENING – Marilyn Armstrong


Share Your World “Spooky”  Share Your World Today is Halloween! Got your costume ready? Stocked up on candy? Good. I'm looking forward to a bag full of candy. Yum. Name something you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark forest or in an abandoned building. I wouldn't BE in a dark forest OR an … Continue reading SPOOKY SHARING ON HALLOWEEN – Marilyn Armstrong


"WHITEY" BULGER DEAD AT 89 They could have found him sooner had they tried harder. It took them 16 years to find him. A lot of people knew where he was or knew enough to ask the right questions from the right people and get the correct answer. If they had wanted to. But he … Continue reading JAMES ‘WHITEY’ BULGER DEAD IN PRISON – Marilyn Armstrong

99 New: Rumination

As a Jewish woman married to a Brown man, this really hits home. This whole week has been a bit of a nightmare for me. This is personal. It’s impossible to NOT see this as the start of a new period of nationalism and murder. Remember, folks, the actual name of Nazi was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Nazi is only how it came to be known, but Nationalist was always front and center. Guess who says he’s a “nationalist?” You got it on the first try!

Red's Wrap

Anti-Semitism isn’t just the stuff of white nationalist Neanderthals. Some of your best friends have anti-Semitic reflexes.

Oh, your friends would never admit to this. They’re too intelligent, too socially conscious. They wouldn’t be caught dead showing bigoted or anti-Semitic attitudes and they’d take great offense to the suggestion that they are unconsciously anti-Semitic. But some things a person can’t control and one of them is the reflex of anti-Semitism learned when they were children.

Who killed Jesus?

It starts there. Every kid in Sunday School learns that ‘the Jews killed Jesus.’ Later, when they grow up, they sometimes sort out who did what with Jesus; grown-up minds can deal with complexity if so inclined. If not so inclined, the original notion that the Jews were to blame for the agony of Christ’s suffering on the cross gets embedded in people’s psyches. Hence, the reflex business. And the Inquisition.


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