PUSHING THE LIMITS – Marilyn Armstrong

FOWC with Fandango — Limit

This whole past month has been pushing the limits for me. Neither Garry nor I feel well, so doing anything has been difficult. My wrist has been very sore and I’ve felt oddly weak and exhausted.

Just getting through the week has been hard. Even this little bit or more writing is pushing a limit. I’m not wearing my brace because I can’t type with it on … and when I try, it takes forever to get even a little bit done. But I can feel little shafts of pain in my hands and I know I have to stop now.

I think at a certain point in life — different for each of us — what the limit is, changes.

Today, I am NOT going to watch the news. Okay, maybe a little. The news really is my absolute limit.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

14 thoughts on “PUSHING THE LIMITS – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. The national news has been absolutely terrible recently! In CA, with an outgoing governor, things are getting done — several gun bills, net neutrality (Feds have already sued on that one, and it was only signed last night!), environment, etc. I’m pushing the FBI investigation underground where it belongs, just by not watching it — the results will be enough to tell the story. Take care, feel better soon!


    1. I am trying with all my heart to not watch any of this mess with the supreme court.

      We need a serious rethink on parts of our Constitution. So much of it was left to the “conscience” of the people. I suppose we never imagined we’d have so many in the government who don’t apparently have a conscience or even a decent sense of right vs. wrong.

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      1. I think the population in general seems to have lost its moral compass, leading to the lack of training of leaders who could right the ship. I was pleased to see Sen Flake have the courage to slow things down, though, by his own admission, it was only possible because he’s leaving the Senate this year. We need more leaders of his character to go to Washington!

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      2. I only watched snips of it after the fact, but I was heartened to see Dr. Ford doing her bit so well, and Judge Kavanaugh coming unglued in a very embarrassing spectacle. He came across as the overprivileged rich white boy that he always has been. It gives one hope. Colbert had a wonderful time with it. So did I.


    1. Some stuff is just worn out — hands and wrists being two of them. I’m pretty sure when I was learning piano as a kid it never really crossed my mind my hands and wrists would wear out. But that’s what they’ve done. They have worn out.

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  2. I have lost complete touch with the Supreme Court Problems in the States. I am sorry about the problems you are having with your wrist. Our bodies wear out like machines and the repairs are no longer possible, the spare parts are no longer available.


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