FOWC with Fandango — Hardware


Is contrasting hardware when your pots or cutlery doesn’t match? Or you are wearing orange plaid pants and a polka dot shirt? Where no matter what you buy, it is inevitably the wrong color, but it’s too expensive to throw it away and it works, so you might as well use it?

Our house is mismatched in every way and I have long since given up trying to make anything coördinate with anything else. If it’s at least something of the same style, more or less, that will have to do.

You know what hardware does match?

The tech stuff. Computers. Tablets.

Garry has an iPad and I have a mini iPad (for which I have yet to find any use). We both have Alienware computers. I have a Mac Air in the bedroom, as well as a Kindle. There are two more Kindles in the living room, not to mention a TV, speakers, and something sort of like a stereo system.

Macbook Air 13

On a more personal level, Garry and I contrast nicely. Two out of three dogs are quite perfectly matched and none of them uses any hardware.

I have no idea why I’m writing this. It’s just a heap of words. There’s so much going on in the world and this has nothing to do with any of it.

Meanwhile, Garry doesn’t feel well, though I’m the one with the doctor’s appointment. I think we are both suffering from the fierce embrace of the killer weeds of autumn. Garry thinks “he’s got something.” If he does, you can be sure I will have it too in a few days. That’s one of the really nifty things about living together all the time. We share. Everything. Always.

Logitech Mouse

So now I’ve been prompted and I have no idea why except I figured I should write something and I had nothing to say. Or, more to the point, everything on my mind requires actual research and thought and planning and I just don’t have the time to do that today.

Maybe tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “CONTRASTING HARDWARE?”

  1. Since I’m a fan of the spontaneous, I enjoyed this little ramble immensely. Am glad to see you writing, although I do enjoy the photographs that you share each day as well. You’ve also given me the twig (germ is a bad word in this case, given Garry’s illness and your possible infection with same) of an idea for next week’s SYW. The silly ‘war’ (battle, conflict, genial disagreement) over brands. In this case “Android” versus “i” (apple, Mac etc)…. Maybe that’ll liven things up a bit.


    1. I am totally not branded about most things — except food. Some food tastes better than other food and the difference in price is minimal. But for the rest? Does it work? Can I afford it? That’s brands for me — but I do buy expensively for hardware, whatever it is. The cheap stuff falls apart really fast. Sadly, sometimes so does the expensive stuff.


  2. If there’s any coordination around me it’s accidental.
    I let Rose take of that. But I’ve noticed that coordination can be expensive.
    Like when she decided to redo the kitchen. Living Room, Bathroom …


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