We live in a have a country full of shallow, if not outrightly stupid people.

They watch “the news” and believe it’s all lies because an orange-skinned bloke says so. As a woman whose husband was a television news reporter for more than 40 years, I’d like to point out that not ONCE in his entire career did my husband haul his tired ass out of bed so he could get up to fabricate lies for the public.

He made mistakes now and then — but not very often — and sometimes made the wrong choice about what story to cover, but never at any point in his long career did he intentionally lie to the public. Moreover, none of his colleagues lied to the public either.

Note that I do not include Fox in this discussion. Whatever it is they are doing at Fox, the news is not it.

The news has always been as truthful as the people who do the job can make it. Are there errors? Of course. Reporters are human beings and we are imperfect, but none of the errors was intentional. It wasn’t lying. Errors are not lies.

What Trump does? THAT is lying.

Garry was never told to tell lies. He was occasionally asked to omit something, but he didn’t do it even when asked. Garry tells the truth and so did his colleagues.

And the other reporters, photographers, directors, and producers? They told the truth, too.


Reporters are not liars. They work their asses off trying to spread the truth to the dunderheads who too foolish to listen.


The news is as true as the people who research and write it can possibly make it. Do they make mistakes? Yes, but they correct themselves and apologize. They don’t erase the truth about a president. Only an elected pathological liar could do that.


The news IS the truth. If you are don’t believe reality, you are going to live with something worse. We are on a razor-thin edge between what we used to think was freedom versus a plutocracy or oligarchy — if we haven’t already crossed that line. Time will tell us soon enough.

Shallow people are stupid. I don’t mean they have a “low IQ.” I mean they are too limited, lazy, selfish, and foolish to find out the truth. It’s so much easier to believe bullshit, isn’t it? You don’t have to read. You don’t need to research. You don’t need to know anything.

You can roll along, believing whatever the current blowhard in power tells you. That’s how we got where we are and that’s how we will keep rolling down the long grassy slope until we become one of those infamous shithole countries.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

8 thoughts on “PLUTOCRACY AND OLIGARCHY – WHICH ONE ARE WE? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Amen to that.

    The French have something extraordinary. They have a sharp separation of ‘intelligent’ as of IQ and intellectual knowledge vs the faculty of KNOWING & UNDERSTANDING. Often, I made the mistake of saying that somebody was intelligent (thinking of a great schooling, studies, common sense, ‘they should know better with all their knowledge’) and my vis-à-vis clearly had no idea what I was talking about. Then I learned that they have scholarly knowledge but no emotional or decency intelligence. I think that’s what you are on about here. The latest man in discussion K is certainly a ‘bright kid’ but his emotional IQ is so low that it’s embarrassing to even look at him. I pity his family. They have to live with him.
    Made me think of the seller of our present home. I pitied the wife for years for the fact that she lived and had 3 children with this pathological liar but ppl told me that she was just as guilty because HOW could she live with him for all those (meanwhile) 50yrs and NOT checking his true being?! I don’t even want to know anymore. I just want to be able to rent a place and never have to go through the troubles of what we experienced with the present abode….

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    1. There is a thing here we call “TMI” — or “too much information.” A lot of the time, knowing less is a lot easier on the soul. My first husband ran the communications section of a University and there was an amazing number of people who were, on many levels, illiterate — despite Ph.D. degrees. The ability to complete a degree doesn’t seem to have much to do with real intelligence.


  2. I don’t know what will happen in the future. That is up to the next generation. My generation is not running things anymore. Except for a few exceptions like Ruth Ginsberg.


  3. I think Garry must be one of the last of a dying breed..the honorable and ethic reporter. And yes, I do believe what you write – I mean you’re in a position to know, being married to the guy and knowing his colleagues and all. BUT. The problem with news today (not in Garry’s day – things were different then) in my opinion only (not worth spit really) is that the computer age makes it all too easy to skew ‘facts’ to suit a particular point of view. And people for the most part are too lazy, too stupid, too uncaring to check the FACTS with reputable sites such as Snopes (which could be under suspicion too for all I know).

    I heard something recently that summed it up and it echoes my own belief: In most ‘news worth events’ only a small portion of the population is right there to see with their own eyes what happened or what is happening. The rest must rely on the ethics and honorability of the reporter, the producer, the editor. And sadly honor and ethics seem to be rare qualities these days. Do reports work hard? Undoubtedly. Do they tell the version of the story that they’re instructed to? Probably most of them. Does this whole situation lead a segment of the population to become disillusioned and to stop watching (not stop caring mind you) or listening to the ‘news’. Yep. AND.

    Finally. Nobody ever sees things exactly the same way as another might. We all have intrinsic filters and biases that lend themselves to what we perceive.

    I think you should count yourself blessed Ms. Marilyn to associate with good quality people such as your Garry. The rest of us have to make do with lesser mortals.


    1. I have to admit that I wasn’t taking social media into account. People write crap on blogs and FB et al without a clue about what they are saying. And of course, there’s Rupert Murdoch.


      The legitimate newsgroups ARE honest, or at least as honest as they can be. They make mistakes, but they don’t pretend they are not mistakes. They really try very hard to be both accurate and honest. I don’t actually count most of the online companies as actual news. They at best opinions and at worse, toxic.

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