It’s supposed to be better tomorrow. It’s always supposed to be better tomorrow, especially if you had photographic plans for today. At least it isn’t pouring. It’s just drippy and grey and muddy.

Rocks and a tree limb

We went to the doctor yesterday and I noticed that now, many trees have changed color and if we can just get some decent weather, it might be time to go take some seriously autumnal pictures.

Garry at Manchaug
Marilyn at Manchaug

Meanwhile, we did take some pretty nice shots the other day at Manchaug. Call them the “pre-autumnal” photo set. Some by Garry, others by me.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

Manchaug has one of the prettiest dams and falls in the area. Not nearly as big as many of the falls, it is high above the stream into which it falls and the way the light falls, the water is crystal pale while the background nearly black.

15 thoughts on “ANOTHER CHILLY, RAINY DAY IN THE VALLEY – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. I think I actually am. Tomorrow, though we’ll be getting Garry’s 1-month audiology checkup, so I’ll get back to everyone towards evening. It’s another “one of those days” — and Friday we have to do blood tests. My doctor thinks I’m anemic and possibly low in vitamins — which, since I don’t have a stomach, is entirely possible and maybe even likely.

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    1. We live on a river that was used to build our industrial revolution in 1785, so it has a pretty strong downward current. The falls were added as needed to power the mills and we live sort of on the edge of a small mountain — except we are in a valley, so we’re at the very bottom … and we are where the rivers run.

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