WE HAVE A TRUCK TOO – Marilyn Armstrong


I was commenting yesterday and how much I like our new car. Our new orange Renegade. One of the things I said was that it was a bit “truckier” than our previous Jeep and I liked it.

It sits firmer on the road.

Has a nice tight, solid feel to it.

The Renegade

And these are other trucks … not like ours!

Truck in Whitinsville

Big truck, low bridge

One truck, long road ahead

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  1. Looks quite similar to my Escape. I love my Escape. Sometimes I refer to it as a car (when I’m just driving), and sometimes I refer to it as a truck (when I’m hauling stuff home from Home Depot, or when I anticipate going through deep snow). In snow country, you gotta have a four-wheeler of some kind, and it’s gotta have good ground clearance, which both of our vehicles have. Have fun this winter.


    • We were assured that THIS little buggy could get us out of ANYTHING, the exception probably (though unspoken) being ice. Only chains or a tow truck will get you out of ice, I think. But for anything else, it should be great. The Patriot was a good little car too, but it never felt as tight and as “trucky” as the Renegade. And I love the color. We can always find it in the parking lot. We tried for a long time to make it without 4-wheel drive, but really, you can’t. Especially not where we live, on the south (downward) side of this street. I was getting REALLY tired of not being able to leave the house until the ice and snow melted. This one should do the job!

      My son thinks it’s “cute but ugly.” I think it’s kind of adorable.

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  2. The States is a trucking country always on the move. I like the colour of your truck


    • We just live in an area that gets tons of snow. AND we live on the downward slope of a small mountain. You really can’t get up and down our driveway without a four-wheeler. We tried. I can’t count the number of times we got stuck in the house for days at a time because we couldn’t get out of our own driveway.

      Some people own trucks because they think they are cute, but around here and anywhere in this region — New England, upstate New York, Canada … you really NEED a truck. It’s not for fun. It lets you go out in the winter.

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  3. Nice… I have a few lorry 🚛 photos.


  4. What’s its clearance? (I still want one; I’m just not ready to take on the debt…I have to sort that out).


  5. I love that car of yours!! Color and model both


  6. Big truck, low bridge. Some don’t notice until they fail to make it through. I’ve seen it. Peels the cab back like a can of sardines.


    • We have a lot of low bridges in this area and yup, at least half a dozen a year peel the top off their truck, get hauled away and fined big money because all those low bridge areas are marked “NO TRUCKS” as well as “low bridge.” Fortunately, the railroad bridge is okay for most normal trucks.


  7. Nice and compact, I like it.


  8. Because of the Asians, especially the Japan, American car manufacturers have begun to learn how to build a car that handles well on the road vs. just feels cushy ‘n’ comfy.

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  9. Renegades are so cute! Your red one is super adorable. 😊

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