GILDED WOODS: A PHOTO A WEEK – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Gilded

I did not have a gilded dome to display or even a gilded hallway. What I did find was a golden pond, made golden by the incredible glow of the glowing leaves surrounding the pond.

On the lake were ducks, mostly mallards but also a few canvasbacks and the odd diver. Ducks get along so well. They are content to float with any kind of other ducks who may arrive. Nor have they any objections to whatever geese or swans might land in their waterway, either.

Gilded woods

Ducks are content to be in the water. They don’t fight, they don’t battle for the best nesting position or to be the leader of the floating feathered armada.

Living on golden pond

And then, with a slight change of light, the woods turns gold

And soon, the mallards are swimming across a truly golden lake.

Mallards on flowing gold

More golden ducks

19 thoughts on “GILDED WOODS: A PHOTO A WEEK – Marilyn Armstrong

    • It’s a lighting thing — again. IF the trees are that particular bronze color (November, oak trees along the river) AND it’s nearly sunset and the sun is very low on the western horizon and hits those trees, the whole river turns gold. The hard part is timing — and the ducks. They aren’t always there and they sure were in the right place THAT day 😀


    • It the way the light hits the trees. The oaks along the Blackstone turn bronze, but in the sun, they are gold. They reflect back on the river and there you go — gilded. I’ve seen other people capture it. The light has to be exactly the right angle and of course, flat, smooth water. But when it works, it’s kind of amazing 😀

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    • We’re less than halfway to “real” autumn. Except for the maples, it’s mostly green. Next week, IF the weather does the right thing … which it is NOT doing today. They promised us — PROMISED US — a glorious day and instead, it’s all grey and gloomy. Glad we went out yesterday!

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      • Yep, glad we got yesterday. We hit the golden lode. I loved framing the orange-gold trees that, in turn, framed the white house from central casting.


    • My favorite picture is the mallards on the golden river. The trees don’t turn that color until the middle of November, so IF we get lucky, this is our last shot at real autumn. Right now, we are sort of half autumn. The maples near the river are brilliant, but everything else is pretty much green. in some cases, very light green — almost yellow — but definitely not the way it will be. Hopefully next week … or maybe the week after. It all depends on the weather.

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      • Marilyn, ALL are wonderful but I love “the golden pond” pictures. They shimmer, glimmer and make you feel so good.


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