I have to start this out by explaining that just a couple of days ago, I heard a noise in the bedroom. It was the kind of noise the wakes me right up because it was a little squeaky noise. Like the sound a mouse makes. And it was followed by little scrabbly sounds.

We had a  mouse in the bedroom!

Now, we’ve put a fair amount of energy and money into controlling our mouse problems and we know we haven’t had any up here, and just a few in the basement. The last time the mouse guy was out — just a couple of weeks ago — I asked if there was any chance we’d solve the mouse problem and he said, “No. You live in the woods.”

I said: “I know the mice are just looking for a warm cozy place to spend the winter, but not here.”

He looked at me. “You are,” he said “Exactly what they are looking for. You live in the woods. The mice will find you. Do you know they can slip in through a space no wider than a dime?”

We spent considerable time cleaning the bedroom but didn’t find any sign of mice actually setting up a home in our bedroom. But if I hear that sound again, those mice people will have to get back here and do their mouse annihilation thing. I sympathize with chilled mice, but not my bedroom. Sorry small furries. If I won’t sleep with my dogs, I ain’t sleeping with you!

There are other sounds I’ve heard that cannot be managed by the mouse guy.

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-legged beasties
And things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!

– Traditional Scottish Prayer

I’ve never met a ghoul and I have questions about long-legged beasties, but I can speak from personal experience about Things That Go Bump in the Night. Long ago in a house far away, we had our own ghosts. Friendly ghosts or at least, they were friendly to us.

Ghosts have been part of human mythology as long as tales have been told around campfires. Maybe before campfires. I don’t think if any religion excludes the possibility of ghosts. There seems to be a general agreement that ghosts and wraiths are spirits of the dead who linger on Earth after they have slipped that mortal coil. Some are malevolent, others benevolent or merely curious. Ghosts vary by mythology, religion, and era. Even today, there are rumors and stories.

I cannot claim to have seen a ghost, but I lived in a house where everyone could hear our ghosts. It was 1965 when for $20,300, we were able to buy a tidy little brick house built in 1932. On the first floor were two bedrooms and a bathroom. There was a big bedroom on the partially finished second floor. The house was small but solid, walking distance from the college where my husband worked and I was finishing my degree.

The ambiance of the house from the moment we walked into it was overtly friendly. It welcomed everyone and made them feel at home. The little house had been built by a couple who had lived, raised children, and then died in it. They were not murdered or anything sordid. They merely grew old and passed on in the home they loved.

We loved it too. My son wouldn’t come onto the scene for 4 more years, but it was a good house to raise babies. I could feel it.

The house was a bit neglected. Not falling down but in need of paint and some modernization of its infrastructure. It still had its original heating system, converted from a coal burner to an oil furnace. Not very efficient and the radiators were huge, old and iron. Oil was cheap; we didn’t worry about it. We’d get to it eventually.

Initially, we lived on the first floor since the bathroom was there. The upstairs had been an attic, but half of it had become a bedroom. We wanted to move up there. It was bigger and had great light, but we needed to fix it up first.

Before anything else, we wanted to paint. The entire house was painted pale salmon pink. It wasn’t ugly, but it wasn’t any color we’d have chosen. Worse, it was high gloss paint, like one would use in a kitchen or bath.

We painted the downstairs first. Every night, we heard our ghosts walking. You could hear the sound of heavy, loud footsteps upstairs, sharp, like the soles of hard leather shoes or boots. Everyone on the lower floor heard it.

The walking started around eight in the evening, continued for a few minutes. Then the footsteps would pause and restart randomly until around midnight. The footsteps always stopped by midnight and never began before eight.

We called them “The Old Man” and “The Old Woman.” They wore different shoes. Her shoes had a sharp sound, like high heels on a hardwood floor. His were clunkier like maybe work boots. Both of them had died in the house, so they were prime candidates for ghosthood, especially since no one ever lived in the house until we moved in.

At first, we also heard them on the steps, but after we painted the stairway, the footsteps retreated and we only heard them in the attic and bedroom. After we began painting the bedroom, we continued to hear them for a while in the attic and then, one day, they were gone, never to return.

Were they watching to see if we properly cared for and loved their home? I thought so. Were we all hallucinating? It was the 1960s, so anything is possible, but I think it was the couple who had lived there watching to make sure we did right by the house. We did and I guess they felt it was okay to depart.

Life is full of strangeness. If anyone has bumped into a long-legged beastie, please tell me about it. I’m dying to know.

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  1. I HAVE at least two authentic stories to tell, sadly not today. But I keep this link in mind and I will write more, promise! 🙂
    Just to say that I ENTIRELY believe your tale because I know it’s true…. And yep, another one turned up right now – a hunted castle in rural Devon, UK – which we visited when we had just arrived in the country…. we didn’t know ANYTHING about ghosts, haunts etc. We went there and I literally had to beg Hero Husband to get away from it, that strongly I felt a dark, bad layer oozing from the walls of that place. I couldn’t even go very close to it – much much later on, with the help of the internet, I found much evidence of what I felt that evening….
    But more of my own experiences another day.


  2. I’d like to scoff at your old house story, but I can’t. My new house had that same welcoming, loving atmosphere, which was why I fell in love with it. It had been in the same, original family since it was built in 1939. But there definitely seemed to be some kind of “presence. ” After hearing weird sounds and feeling unusually chilly air in the master bedroom over a period of time, I found myself one evening shouting, “This is MY house now. You can just leave.” It got real quiet, and warmer, after that – although every once in awhile I see a movement out of the corner of my eye, which I hope is just the cataracts forming. The house still feels welcoming and loving, and the dog is happy (dogs know), so I guess all is OK.


  3. We also live in the woods, and to compound the issue, ours is a manufactured home. So, the pest people say we’re fighting a losing battle. Just do the best we can to mitigate the problem and deal. We have mice in the crawlspace, but so far I haven’t seen but one or two up in the living area, and the pets make short work of them.


  4. I have a rather fat file of ‘ghost’ stories in residences I’ve lived in over my life time. One of them I experienced personally, the rest were passed down from my mother, who loved a good yarn and so I take them with a large grain of salt, but it’s entirely possible some of them were true. Especially in the context you’ve given today in your post. Maybe I’ll share a few…


  5. When we lived in an old Victorian home, we didn’t have ghosts in the attic. Just bats. And yes, mice in the basement.


  6. We had a round beetle climbing up the bedroom wall yesterday, with short legs. Inward not sharing ma space with him so Mr. Swiss removed it to the outside world. No ghosts or ghoulish here, the building is too young.


  7. I’d like to think it was the old couple just checking their house was in good hands. I’ve not had an experience like this but my mum used to see and hear things others didn’t and Naomi has had some odd experiences too.


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