Rhododendrons: Flower of the Day – October 9, 2018

My garden is a mess right now. Most of the flowers are dead and many need to be cleared out. I’ve done a bit of it, but it needs more. I’m not so steady on my feet right now, so I think it’s going to wait until I’m less likely to fall down.

Pretty and simple!

Meanwhile, my roses are blooming and there are a lot more rhododendrons. What’s even stranger is that the rhododendrons are blooming — in the middle of October. They don’t bloom this time of year.

These are our blooming rhododendrons. These are old-fashioned bushes with single, white flowers.

14 thoughts on “RHODODENDRONS BLOOMING IN OCTOBER – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Rhododendrons flowering over here and over there at the same time?
    That can’t be right!?

    Love your white ones- they’d look cool in the snow 😎


  2. Back in 2017 (our warmer winter), my Forsythia bloomed in February then again in April and again in October. They were confused… Never saw Rhododendrons blooming this time of year.


    • Summer hasn’t ended. It’s in the 80s outside. And, with the tropical air pushing north from hurricane Michael, it’s going to stay warm. It’s not that we aren’t having ANY autumn, but it’s pretty muted. Mostly yellows. Hardly any reds or orange. the last really good one was 2016.

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