Flower of the Day – October 11, 2018

They are still blooming like crazy. The roses, that is. Usually, the roses throw a few blooms even late in the summer, but we have entire full branches of roses in both red and pink

And it’s almost the middle of October.

Late roses!

9 thoughts on “FLOWER OF THE DAY – ROSES IN THE AUTUMN – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. my mother gave me an ocean rose years back, for the garden. Luckily I planted it against a stone wall instead. It colonizes whatever ground there is, and the heavy branches (some as thick as my thumb) have vicious, long thin thorns. But since I have given up the fight on keeping them contained, and pruned, they have begun blooming steadily from April to frost. The birds love them for the insects, the deer eat them (oh yes thorns and all, gulp) because they’re food and don’t argue, and the smell on a damp sunny morning is amazing.


  2. I usually have late roses far into november. Mind you, not tons but enough to give me much joy!
    I especially love these – the little fighters, not big blooms but many small ones, and colour, and giving joie de vivre….


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