A SURREAL DAY – Garry Armstrong

“This has to be one of the most surreal days in a surreal administration,”   CNN Anchor Jake Tapper offered this assessment, opening the late afternoon segment of his newscast.

Tapper was referring to rapper Kanye West’s bro-mance visit to the Oval Office today. Rambling and profane, West’s rant apparently left Commander-In-Chief 45 speechless,  a formidable accomplishment in itself.  The West-Trump bro hug was the perfect photo-op in a scenario that ventured where even Mel Brooks would not go.

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 11: (AFP OUT) U.S. President Donald Trump hugs rapper Kanye West during a meeting in the Oval office of the White House on October 11, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images)

West, presumably speaking for some segment of the Nation’s African-American populace, had nothing but praise and atta-boys for the President who sat with a broad smirk on his face as West delivered rambling compliments.  On the surface,  it seemed like a  boost for a racially divisive administration with the midterm elections less than two weeks away. Kanye West, to be kind, is not generally held in high regard by people of color.   Music?  Yes.   Politics and all things concerning civil rights, NO.  It’s a given that Kanye West’s high-profile salute of Commander 45 will have “legs” and be on a continuous loop for GOP spinmeisters. It’ll be fodder for the late-night comics, but who’ll have the last laugh?

I wouldn’t be surprised to see clips of Kanye West, in his MAGA baseball cap, pop up frequently as GOP candidates shift into high gear for votes with the days dwindling down to a precious few.

It’s shrewd politics on a day when most of our attention is focused on Hurricane Michael’s devastating wrath.  Once the major newscasts wrap their hurricane coverage,  the Kanye West story will get lots of play.  It’s win-win for the administration trying to spin away from the residual anger and bitterness that surrounds Brett Kavanagh’s Supreme Court nomination.

All the Kanye jokes will play well in the Trump hinterlands where minorities are regarded as fools or tools whose collective cord isn’t long enough to reach the socket.

Here’s hoping the political reporters and commentators are shrewd enough to dissect the controversial rapper’s White House rapport for what it is.  A one-way love affair with between two mentally defective guys who will do anything for attention — with no real affection from the West Wing where they are probably snickering over their cheeseburgers and smoothies.

Yes, it’s a surreal day but it’s also a sad day.  Time for some encore plays of “Send In The Clowns”.

Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.

59 thoughts on “A SURREAL DAY – Garry Armstrong”

    1. I am feeling particularly demoralized by the lack of response of ANYONE’S government’s lack of response to our “end of the world” scenario up and coming in little more than a decade. No one wants to hear it, so the world has gone deaf.

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    1. Omni, I was pondering saomething to write as I popped on the boob and saw the sideshow unfold and write the piece for me. My fingers couldn’t keep pace with the bizarro White House scene.

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      1. I’m trying to ignore all this because I can’t change it and I’m 66 years old. Every great day that I get I want 100%. All this has done since the last campaign/election has stolen minutes from my life and space in my soul. None of these douchebags deserve that.

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    1. Martha, I wonder if West and 45 did some “lines” after the cameras left.

      Hinky white stuff under their nostrils later in the day. You bet your life.

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        1. We all do. I just put the wrong beans into the chili. The are going to taste weird. We also blew $10 on lottery tickets. This way, we get 1 day of dreaming on what we would do with the money. NOT buy a fancy house on the edge of the sea!

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          1. Marilyn’s baked bean chili is DEE-lee-shus. I took my protective “beano” tablets before eating. if there’s any eruption, I am prepared to dash out of the room so the dogs don’t take the fall for odious odeurs.


          1. And stupid. There was a time when I too his poetry half-seriously. Now I see it was just marketing and I see that he’s a fool. My favorite is “Caitlyn” who had to have a sex change so she could enjoy the manifold delights of being an elderly woman.

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        1. Leslie, you touch on one of the most embarrassing moments in my life.

          A thousand years ago, I was hosting a classical music show on radio. I mispronounced Debussy’s name. Yes, the station manager called, screaming at me. I turned beet red. OMG.

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