For years, I never knew what was beeping. I’d sit here in the living room and I’d hear something beeping. I could only guess where it was coming from and it drove me nuts.

Today, there was some very serious beeping. It seemed to be coming from the television.

I think that’s because everything Bluetooth in this house that wasn’t connected somehow got found by the TV speaker, so everything comes through that speaker. This includes our regular telephone, all the cameras, the cell phone (when it’s on). The dehumidifier, which beeps when it’s full. The microwave. The big and mini ovens, although they do not play through the TV speaker, having no Bluetooth capability.

And of course, all of our computers or tablets love beeping to tell you they are full, they needs uploading, downloading, charging, some other part needs charging or changing. Maybe the battery is failing to charge because the plug is out — and just sometimes, they beep to annoy you. It’s part of their software.

Everything beeps.

Until recently, only the dogs and I could hear the beeping. The dogs never appeared to care, but it drove me nuts. It wasn’t just that something was beeping. It was WHERE it was beeping. Upstairs? In the basement? It could be the hot water heater or the boiler or the dehumidifier or anything else. Maybe an old alarm clock someone left behind.

Tonight was different. Garry said: “What’s that noise?”

And I said: “You mean the beeping?”

“Is that what that is? It’s really annoying. And loud.

“I know. That’s why I wander around asking the house asking it ‘why are you beeping?’ The house never answers. Welcome to my world where things beep.”

We went searching for the beep. The dehumidifier was full, so Garry emptied it.ย  But the beeping continued.

Back upstairs, I finally realized it was the stair-climber. It was beeping, although why it was beeping, I had no idea. It had never beeped before.

After Garry gave up the hunt and went to bed removing his hearing gear on the way, I continued to try to figure it out. I finally followed the long wire to its outlet on the wall. Realized it was slightly loose, so I plugged it back in, more firmly, then straightened the wire and untangled the whole thing.

It hasn’t beeped again, so I guess I got it. Usually, things beep, then eventually stop beeping and I never figure out what beeped or why.

For all the aggravation of searching the house for whatever is making that noise, it was deeply gratifying that Garry’s cochlear implant has allowed him to share my world. To start to hear all those annoying little sounds that fill up our world. To have him equally annoyed by that noise was heartwarming.

At last, I am not the only one who hears the noise. This is huge! Iย am not alone!

41 thoughts on “SOMEWHERE, SOMETHING IS BEEPING – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. Oy, Martha, Oy! I thought my cochlear implant was sending coded intel to me. Something about Russkie Hackers and Pole Dancers with a hinky “John”.


    1. I know we have a smoke detector downstairs, but it has not beeped. I think it might be hard-wired into the house. Or we got annoyed with it and pulled out the batteries. I’m not even sure exactly where it is, but regardless, it’s way above our heads and only The Tall One (son at 6’4″) who can reach it and even he sometimes needs a step stool

      Meanwhile, until it gets annoying enough to remove the hearing machinery, there are TWO of us to hunt for that beep. Oh boy!

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    2. Does Misery really love company? Not sure, Steph. The bells are ringing, the thingies are beeping and I need some sniffing glue to make the world go away, Set ’em up, Joe. I got a little story you need to know….

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  1. My cats hate any beeping kind of noise, which I’m sure made it really fun for them a few years ago when I went on vacation and got a call from my sister (who checks up on them) saying my carbon monoxide detector was going off, and she couldn’t get it to stop beeping. After realizing the cats would have probably already been dead had it been a real alarm, I told her to yank the batteries out of it and I’d check it when I got home. Turns out that CO detectors are built to intentionally fail after 7 years, and that one just happened to hit its 7th birthday while I was out of town. That was extremely annoying even though I was 500 miles away from the constant beeping noise…

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    1. There’s the beeping — the most common annoying noise. But don’t forget the jingling and dinging and wuffing from various telephones and computers. I turn the sound OFF on all my computers. I turn it on if I actually want to listen to something — like maybe music? Otherwise, life is glorified by the silence.

      When my pacemaker battery fails, will it beep?


  2. We don’t have the beeping, but we have an old oven (from the early 80’s) that ticks incessantly. The timer is broken and the only way to fix it is to unplug the oven. Since it’s an in-the-wall oven, we just put up with it because neither of us have the strength for that. It’s going on two years since the stupid thing broke… I think even Doug doesn’t hear it anymore. Part of the background noise.

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    1. Now that the Bluetooth in that speaker has adopted every unclaimed signal in the house, it’s NOT background noise. It’s LOUD. As loud as the TV and usually, a few decibels louder. Some things you can ignore. Anything relatively quiet and constant — like ticking — but LOUD BEEPING FROM THE DAMNED TV? And, as it turned out, I really did need to fix the connection because the chair won’t roll if the battery isn’t fully charged.

      There are so MANY beeps coming from places where, to the best of my knowledge, nothing is there except empty boxes. Did a former tenant leave an old alarm clock? Or ancient telephone? Or a VERY long-fused bomb? If we make the news (BOOM IN UXBRIDGE!), you’ll know.

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  3. Beeping has become part of daily life. We also have beeps. the first step is turn off the TV to hear the beep better. After a long search it is something in a closed drawer, usually an old mobile phone that realised it still has some life left in it, usually because someone who will not be named, was searching for something in the same place and gave it a wake-up. It is modern living I suppose.


    1. I don’t mind the bumps. That’s just the dogs jumping or hitting a gate, or in Duke’s case, JUMPING the gate. It’s the squeaky little sound or the scrabbly little sound that I’m pretty sure belongs to something alive that is NOT supposed to be here …

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  4. Great that you can share but Garry clearly has the advantage by being about to take off his hearing gear.
    Peter has the habit of toying with his watch’s alarm and it goes off at all times of the night or day. Trouble is it isn’t so easy to turn it off.

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    1. Yes. When the noise gets to him, he suddenly becomes completely and joyously deaf. But someone’s gotta find where the beeping is from. In the case of the stair climber, it actually did need to be fixed because if the battery isn’t full, it won’t go. I do wonder about my battery-operated pacemaker, though. Will IT beep?

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  5. It is amazing that Garry can hear the beeps. You are not alone. We have/had a hard-wired alarm system that started to beep for no apparent reason. One time when I was away from home it went off for no apparent reason and David yanked the wires out of the wall. I really need to get it fixed or buy a battery operated one. Apart from phones and computer stuff, not much is Bluetooth around here thank goodness.

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  6. I hate anything like that. Sometimes the fans in my computer make strange noises. I’m usually mortified when that happens because my first impulse is to think my hard drive is failing. Again. But a couple of stout whacks and the noise ceases. WHEW !!! Just a fan!
    It’s a low tech solution, but then my next impulse is to wonder why a low tech device such as a fan is in a computer?


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