BUT DON’T SHOOT THE DEPUTY – Marilyn Armstrong


With a blast from his pistol, Blackie blew the bartender through the bottles behind him and left him in a bloody heap.

No problem really. What with open carry laws on the books, all he had to do was explain that he thought the bartender, who was Mexican, had been acting in a threatening manner and he had no choice except to blow him to pieces.

And the best part was that the rest of the people in the bar were so scared of him, they’d all back him up.

“Maybe,” thought Blackie, “I should get a shotgun. That would REALLY show’em.”

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

32 thoughts on “BUT DON’T SHOOT THE DEPUTY – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. OG, fitted clothing was a thing for westerns of the 50’s. Especially westerns from Republic, Universal-International and Monogram studios. They were “Poverty Row” studios who specialized in “B” westerns that harvested lots of money. The good guys were always “GQ” outfitted, even their horses were clean, groomed and had shining saddles. The upper level bad hombres had coordinated clothing. In UI’s “The Far Country” (’55), bad guys like Jack Elam, Robert J. Wilke, and Jack Lambert wore really nice outfits, topped off by fitted buffalo skin jackets with fringes on the sleeves. The lower level villains, “the boys”. were unkempt with shirts sticking out of their baggy pants.


        1. I had to cancel the vet appointment for one of the dogs. Just a routine appointment, no vaccines or anything and the dog’s not sick. I said “The dog’s fine. I’m sick.” She said “It’s going around. ”

          Is it EVER. Took down the Sox #1 Ace — but HE went to the hospital. We’re just miserable at home. Garry said if we were baseball players, they wouldn’t call it “just whatever is going around.” But if he had that kind of arm, we wouldn’t be living here in crumbling Uxbridge.

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      1. “I see by your outfit That you’re a cowboy too….” Or, (Boom, chick, chick, Boom chick, chick, Boom chick, chick, Boom chick, chick) “Mommas… don’ let your babies grow up to be cowboys” chick, (Boom, chick, chick, Boom, chick, chick, Boom, chick,) ” don’ let ’em pick guitars, or drive them ol’ trucks, let ’em be doctors an’ lawyers an such.”


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