LET IT BE – Marilyn Armstrong

As did many others, I thought a few people might develop a conscience and a spine and not put Kavanagh on the Court. We thought someone might use their head for something other than a hat rack and realize jailing children was immoral. We thought they might hear the kids who had not been shot at their own school, hear their voices.

They didn’t do any of these things.

So we have an immoral drunkard Supreme Court Justice, babies in jail, lots of dead kids, and jailed babies many of whom may never find a home.

It didn’t happen. No spines, no consciences.

There’s only one thing left. Vote.

Please vote. Make sure all the people you know who can vote and have their heads outside their asses vote too. Drive people who need a lift to the voting place.

To put it simply, this is it. We’re out of time. The world has a dozen year to repair itself before we can’t stop the descent of Earth into…? I don’t even know what we will be if we can’t stop the planet’s destruction, but sometimes, being old has some advantages. I won’t live to see the end.

Pogo – Walt Kelly – 1971w

We can’t fix everything, but we can give it our best shot. We can do our best to try to talk to people who are still able to listen — and there aren’t many of them left. Everyone is dug into position. I don’t think there are a lot of minds we can change. If nothing else, these past two years have ossified the minds of everybody. We all need to unfreeze our minds. A lot of things need changing — fast — and we have to forget there is a box and think in new and different ways.

To all my younger friends, everyone does the best they can with the world they inherit. No generation gets a map showing you how to fix things. For each of us, the world is a different place with unique issues. What worked for us probably wouldn’t work today. Moreover, even when you get it right, your “right” isn’t permanent.  You can pass the “right” laws and un-pass them before your not-yet-born kid makes it to kindergarten. There is no forever.

Governments and countries are not forever. There is no Roman Empire, though it lasted a long time. FYI, the Roman Empire began with the crowning of Gaius Octavian Thurinus in 31 B.C. and fell to the German Goths in A.D. 476, for a total of 507 years. The Byzantine Empire, Rome’s eastern half, did not fall until the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453.

What happened to the Assyrians and the Babylonians? How about the Philistines or the Greeks? Or, for that matter, the British? Empires and governments come and go and this country is very young. If we were to end right now, we wouldn’t even make the historical timeline. We haven’t been around long enough.

Nothing is permanent. Not governments,  politics, religion, or morality. Not culture or society. We reinvent ourselves over and over. Good times, bad times. That’s just how it goes.

My generation can’t fix it. I’ll vote as I have always voted: liberal and democratic. But after that, it’s up to other people. If they don’t vote, we will lose. History happens. Each of us is part of it, like it or not. Be a good part of history. Do the right thing. Vote. We have a planet to fix.

And don’t forget to think before you vote!

I’ve been waiting to find intelligent life on earth. I’m still waiting.

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19 replies

  1. For my generation it was the threat of nuclear annihilation. There was a time when I doubted I would live to see the year 2000 … and yet, here we are. It is going to get worse, that’s a given, but what you said about empires rings true, the US is only a small (albeit loud) component of a greater world and it will fall by its own hand, sooner or later, but humans, individuals and small groups, will continue to be born, fall in love, have kids and live the best lives they can, in spite of the worst the oligarchs can do.

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  2. The saving grace here is “Nothing is permanent” and there is a good reason for that.

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  3. I’ve argued for years now that climate change should be the number one priority. Jerry Brown has it right. Younger people get it. They are also tired of the old politics which, in their view, majors in minors while the temperatures and sea levels rise. Aside from the Green Party, Bernie Sanders was the only candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination who made climate change a top priority. Young people rallied to the cause. It wasn’t same old same old. Just a thought. The other thought, of course, is that ALL of us need to vote NOW! Thank you for another great piece.

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    • I hope something helps. I’m getting more than a little demoralized. It’s a world of slippery slopes and not nearly enough people really care.


      • I think the pace of change is overwhelming us, keeping us in a state of shock. William Stringfellow argued during the Vietnam War that we were de-moralized (literally, made incapable of moral sensitivity and moral decisions) by the constant bad news. He was not criticizing the press or other media. He was stating what he sensed to be happening in America. The price of caring was ulsers, indigestion, overwhelming sorrow, stress, and a sense of moral defeat.

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    • Gordon, ditto what you said.

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  4. The mainstream media is reporting that young people don’t seem to be very interested in voting in the midterms. I hope that is fake news.

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    • And if it isn’t, be it upon their heads. I don’t believe their grandparents can do much more than we have done. it IS their turn, even if they don’t like it. They can jump on board to do something or sit around and whine, but as for me. I’m done.

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    • Fandango, the ‘mainstream media’is not lying. (Lots of mainstream media critics are the same people who proclaim “I don’t watch the news anymore because………” How can you (Not you, Fandango) criticize something you don’t watch? I got over my “don’t watch local news” rant because of the 40 plus years I’ve invested as a reporter and was burned out. Curiosity got me back to watching network and local news to find out what what was happening. How could I complain about the world if I didn’t know what was happening or who was screwing things up? I have enough savvy to separate real news from “filler” news, stories that are factual but innocuous and boring.

      Local and network news frequently do MOS (Man on the street) pieces to find out if you know what’s going on. The answers are frequenty funny, bizarre and, ultimately, sad because people cannot even identify the names of public figures who are the center of controversy. I find that embarassing and depressing. During my working days, I would do MOS pieces that should’ve been very easy. I never ceased to be “shocked” to learn people didn’t know what I was talking about, didn’t care, were too busy, or were simply oblivious. My interviewees cut across ages, gender, race and nationality. It’s not just young people who are ignorant. THAT is the problem. We have LOTS of people joining in the daily rants, ignorant of the facts. I guess it’s easy to rant. You relieve yourself of anger and irritation without addressing the problem.

      Back to the topic. Yes, the world is screwed up in many ways. One sure way of making a difference — VOTE! Cannot say that enough. Also understand the referendum issues before you vote. I’ve been guilty, over the years, of not being familiar with referendum issues — that affect so many of us — and casting my vote like a flip of the coin. THIS year, I read the voter information pamphlet that’s put out by the state. One referendum involves staffing of nurses. On the surface, it seemed simple. But–I talked to our primary care physician and a number of other doctors and nurses to get a “feel” for the issue and information that will enable me to vote with awareness.

      It involves a little research, inquiries and sampling of opinions before you can vote with any perspective. Most people are simply “too busy” or don’t care. That’s why we–not only– get bad elected officials but unseemly legislation passed.

      So endenth today’s sermon.

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      • I agree with everything you wrote and it is sad that people are so [blissfully] uninformed. Jimmy Kimmel does periodic MOS interviews on his show and it’s amazing to me how totally uninformed or uneducated about the simplest things people are. It would be funny if it weren’t so depressing.

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