SHARING THE WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

Welcome to Share Your World for the week of October 15th!   This week’s questions include some food, some whimsy, something opinion-based and one, just because.

Share Your World  10-15-18 Questions:

What’s the biggest screw up in the kitchen that you were responsible for?

So many, I can’t even begin to list them. Before I learned to really cook, the number of inedible meals I produced makes me shutter.

Now seriously, does anyone have just ONE kitchen disaster? Aren’t there at the very least, a series of them until either (a) you get it together with the cooking thing, or (b) you realized you will never get it together and go entirely to frozen things you can cook in the mini-oven or microwave?


My mother moved to “If you are that hungry, cook it yourself,” and considering her cooking, we made it ourselves. Even when we were kids, it was better to do it ourselves. She was a truly appalling cook.

What, in your opinion, makes people believe absurd conspiracy theories?

Too many hours of watching Fox News. And being Republican.

In 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?

An earth to live on.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? 

Meat between bread? Why not? I think these days, they call it a “roll” because it’s in a bun.

What wonderful thing happened to you this week that you’d like to share?  It can be a gratitude moment or something that just made you feel very happy at the time or made you laugh.

It was not a laughing sort of week. Sorry.

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15 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing your world Marilyn! 😀 I think these past few weeks have just been ‘some of THOSE weeks’ when things aren’t going too great. Here’s hoping to happier times ahead.


  2. Not making sure ALL the aluminium foil was removed before I microwaved leftovers. 😀

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  3. loved your answers Marilyn- especially the response to the conspiracy theories 🙂

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  4. I once got the sugar mixed up with the salt in a cheese cake. Totally inedible!

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  5. Kitchen disasters are a learning process. It happens to all of us

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  6. Kitchen goofs: the time I made cheesecake and forgot the cheese — it came out like graham cracker omelet!

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