WHAT DAY IS IT? – Marilyn Armstrong

RDP Friday: WEEK

For a while, after we retired, we remained tied to the weeks, months, and holidays. We knew when it was the weekend and aware of the holidays. I’m not sure when we began to slide into a world where the only reason to know what day it is, is because you have an appointment with the veterinarian or the doctor … or you are planning some kind of activity.

I know today is Friday because my computer tells me and I got a notice from my bank about which bills are getting paid and how much money is left. Otherwise, it really could be any day and I would have no idea. On weeks with holidays in them? I completely lose track of everything and am often convinced that it’s a day — or more — different than it is.

Remarkably, this has almost no effect on our lives at all. We have a calendar in the kitchen, but that just shows when the weeks and days are. To actually know what THIS day is — you need something electronic that says “Hey, lady, today is Friday and after this, it’s the weekend. Did anyone tell you that your team won the American League Pennant last night and the World Series starts Tuesday? No? Well, it does … ”

I have little pop-ups on my computer reminding me when to take out the trash and the recycling, and lists on the fridge telling us what we need to buy, should we bother to go to the grocery.

“Garry, are we out of anything yet?”

“Paper towels, but if we got gently, I think we can make it another day.”

It turns out that school and work are the things that give weeks a form, a shape. Not having either in your life?

I guess you’ll have to look at the computer calendar! Now there’s a major tragedy, eh?

23 thoughts on “WHAT DAY IS IT? – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. Yes. It is weird. Going to church helped too. But now that has been discarded. So… Thursday nights is mahjong night. Only I’ve had to miss because if this silly cough. And October is almost gone? Yikes.

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  2. I rarely care what day it is anymore. The only difference from one day to the other is that the Sunday paper is bigger and there’s no mail delivered. Otherwise, one day is like any other day!

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    • Fandango, good one. I used to love the Sunday paper. So much stuff. You can go the whole week reading the various sections before it’s Sunday again. One of my favorite sections was the NY Times Arts and Movies Section. They had a terrific section on reviews of old movies on TV. The writing was wonderful.

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  3. I have to be at the Op Shop on Mondays and Thursdays and have a regular get together with friends for coffee on Wednesday but this week I didn’t do most of those things so Thursday felt like Friday. Now it is 5:30 am on Saturday and I’m getting ready to go out in 45 minutes. Not my usual week at all.

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