12 thoughts on “FIGHT FIERCELY HARVARD! – Marilyn Armstrong

    • The funny thing is that he didn’t write much. He says (he’s still alive — old, but alive) he really LIKED teaching math at Harvard, so he actually wrote maybe 50 pieces over the years. It’s just that each one was so very GOOD and these days, just one we think they should be long out of date, they are more relevant than ever. He has his own website, too. There’s some stuff I hadn’t heard before … but really, all his really good stuff is available on CD or YouTube or his site. Or on one of the Sesame Street reruns.

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      • I’ll have to check out his site. I knew this was a definite side gig of his, and my dad and his CU physics department colleagues used to play his records at parties and laugh uproariously.


    • We are doing the boat race this weekend 🙂 It’s called the “Charles River Regatta” and it used to be mostly Harvard, but gradually over the past 30 years, it has become an international rowing event. When we were living in an apartment next to the Charles River, I used to go walk down and watch. It’s a bit cold this year, but it’s a fun event and usually, it’s beautifully autumnal, too. Not so much this year.

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