WEEKLY Word Prompt: Question

The answer to most serious questions is another question. Serious things don’t have simple answers. For example, “Does this pizza require a longer time to cook or will it dry up?” There are no quick answers to any questions pertaining to pizza.

Pineapple pizza
Credit: Getty

Let’s discuss pineapple. Whose idea was it to put fruit on a pizza and why does anyone actually order it? I can understand anchovies, even though no one can force me to eat one. Salty is okay on pizza, but FRUIT? Seriously?

And then, there are politics. How can you look at yourself in the mirror when you are caging children … for any reason? How can you face a kid who survived a mass school shooting, tell him or her that “it didn’t happen” and “he/she is a ‘crisis actor'”?

What’s a crisis actor?  How do you recruit them? Do you advertise in a special “Help Wanted” section of some undercover actor’s journal?


Are you the kind of actor who plays dead really well? Can you stay very still while buckets of blood pour out of you? If you are under 18, white, and ready to play dead, we want you. Resume required. Non-union.

You’d need a second advertisement, too. For families. Grieving parents, friends, and teachers.


Can you cry on cue? If you can convey deep sorry and heartbreak on camera, we need you to play the devastated parents of crisis actors for mock, mass school shooting. Standard rates apply. Send headshots, color only. Ability to cry with real tears mandatory. Non-union.

So many questions, so little time!

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  1. Crisis Actors is a concept so horrible that clearly some people just can’t grasp the concept accurately ( thank God they exist – the people not the ‘actors’!)

    I deeply reject however, connecting them (the imaginary C.A.’s) to your weird notion that pineapple does not belong on Pizza! – the original pizza was a base to put anything you like on it – even mushrooms or onions or olives (also a fruit!) Romans did not have that many pineapples available to them so it probably wasn’t an issue back then. Who says you can’t cook fruit?

    Hawaiian Rules! – OK? (It’s named after a US state so it can hardly be Un-American now can it?? ) 🙂

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  2. Fruit (pineapple) is on pizza, so that the freaks can fly their flag HIGH (I’m one, so ..) That whole pineapple ring thing is too much though, I agree. As to the rest of your post, I had never heard of that phenomenon, but am not that surprised. NOTHING surprises me any more. Do you suppose those ‘actors’ feel a bit ‘dirty’ for doing that? Maybe the compensation is great enough that their conscience takes a back seat, bound and gagged..?


  3. Thank you for this!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Yes I like pineapple on pizza. I wonder if anyone has ever tried nuts on a pizza?
    Isn’t that an interesting career? Can you imagine your resume – crisis actor died 16 times very successfully.

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  5. Never put pineapple on pizza. Period. My wife makes a Latin American version of potato salad. It has mandarin orange pieces in it. I love potato salad. I can’t eat this one. I do not like mixing dessert with dinner. Pineapple is dessert.


  6. How about burgers, do you feel the same about pineapples on burgers or is that not a thing in America? We put beetroot on them too and vinegar on chips. I used to have an American penfriend who could hardly believe that when she saw it.
    I missed the comment about crisis actors. Do you mean to say that he actually believes these things didn’t happen? He must be even more demented than I thought and I already thought he was an idiot.

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    • People do some horrible things to burgers. I can’t even remember the last time I ate one. Some of the messes they advertise on TV make me queasy and that’s without calculating the grease and fat and whatever the “quality” of the meat.


      • I don’t like McDonalds burgers mainly because they don’t have enough salad on them. The best burger is usually from a fish and chip shop or cafe . A burger with the lot will have lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot and a fried egg, soemtimes a pineapple slice. If I have to eat at Macca’s I get a wrap.


  7. A pizza Hawaii. Pineapple does not belong on a pizza


  8. Pizza with pineapple — yumm!! Crisis Actors — shouldn’t ever be needed! We shouldn’t be glorifying crises by re-creating them on the big screen, or even the little screen! Just saying!

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