THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME – Marilyn Armstrong

FOTD – No Place Like Home – October 23, 2018

It rained in the morning.

These days, it always rains in the morning. Every morning. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning, too.

With a little luck, it’ll stop before they start the World Series.


Which starts tomorrow evening. It’s on Fox network so most people with American television will be able to see it. Probably in Mexico and Canada, too.

Route 98, heading north

We had a bit of sunshine right before our doctor appointment, but by the time we got out, the sun was gone.

There’s no place like home.

There wasn’t much to photograph until we got home and I realized that at least our street had some nice color. No sun, but the trees look pretty nice.

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  1. I’ve read about sassafrass but never actually seen it. Brilliant!


    • It’s a medicinal tree, too. You can make tea and all kinds of natural medicines from it. They don’t normally grow in such profusion, but for some reason, we have literally dozens of them all up and down our driveway. They are blocking everything else.


      • I have read about sassafrass tea and I knew a herbologist (not sure how to spell that one) who used the pure plant(s) for medicinal purposes. She was a wise woman!


  2. Wonderful photos for today. I really like your first photo.


    • We have a lot of sassafras on our property. It’s one of the few trees that always turns a nice color, usually bright yellow. That’s not as bright as it can get. Sometimes, it’s like the sun is shining through 😀


  3. I think you have more colour there than we do.


  4. At least the bright colours of the leaves show up against a dull sky. We’ve had wind and all my apple blossom blew away. Lucky I photographed it last week.


    • I have learned the hard way to not wait. Take the picture NOW because tomorrow may very well never come! It’s why I keep a camera in my bag!

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      • I’m trying to teach Naomi that now she’s taking more photos. She was annoyed recently that she missed a shot of a classic car we saw parked at a shop because she didn’t have a camera with her. She doesn’t use a mobile phone either. I think she’s keeping a point and shoot in her handbag now.


        • Way to go. I just don’t RELATE to phones. Also, I don’t understand the controls on them. But small cameras are great to have when you need one.


          • One of the reasons I decided to try a smart phone was to have an emergency camera without needed to carry more weight but to be honest I don’t like it a lot. It takes an OK photo but the controls are too fiddly.


      • “Tomorrow is another country”


  5. That yellow tree does look pretty wonderful!


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